Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"I live for the nights I can't remember, with the people I'll never forget."

I know that this line is way overused at this point, especially thanks to Drake, but it's very appropriate to sum up my weekend.

After spending Friday night in the Bronx drinking Sangria and not doing much else but sleeping and spending time with B, Saturday was a bit more eventful. Sister, B, Niece and I drove up to Poughkeepsie for Niece's basketball game. It was entertaining and it was a good few hours, and they weather was beautiful. Even though I almost had a handful of heart attacks with Sister driving, it was pleasant and amazing to feel the wind and sun on my skin!

We got back to Sister's house and I changed and we began drinking more of the awesome Sangria that I had made the night before. We also had a bottle of Firefly and Absolut 100 in tow. We headed to the "Liv, Love, Life" BBQ in Harlem and I was Chatty Cathy the WHOLE way...I was tipsy. I had a giant bottle of gatorade that was filled with my strong drink, but I was trying to pace myself. It was all fun and games at the BBQ until...

I blacked out.

That's right, it happened again. The last thing I remember is talking to this girl I didn't know about her son, and then the next thing I remember we went to Popeye's and I peed in Starbucks, and then after that we were back at Sister's house and B was making me come outside to hang out.

During my blackout I was completely coherent and quite hilarious (so they say). I guess I wish I were more like blackout K. I barbecued chicken, I poured people drinks, I took shots, I ate macaroni salad, I refused to hold brother's hand while he walked me across the street, I greeted people hilariously that I haven't seen in a year (and in my memory - still haven't), I cried because Ni made me feel bad and she didn't know how much I appreciate her, I laughed, I made jokes, I met people that I will have to re-meet, I had heart-to-hearts...pretty much I had the time of my life, and I can't remember a goddamn thing.

Sunday we woke up, I went to go hang out with this guy who wanted me to come see him on Friday. We sat in my car for maybe two hours. He was entertaining and cute, but once again, he wanted to get into my pants (or at least he wanted my hand to get into his). Like a good girl, I refused and we ended up parting ways - I may see him again some time because his body is just bananas and well...I'm THAT girl.

I went back and got B and we came back to Brooklyn. We were going to go next door, but decided against that because it was mostly family and I didn't feel like being family at that time. We walked around the neighborhood, sang happy birthday to Mama and generally had a boring and relaxing night. We went to bed at like 12:30 and of course everyone and their moms texted us about things going on that night but we were already in bed.

B left on Monday and I helped make salads and marinades for shrimp and tofu for the BBQ next door. We stuffed ourselves and then I watched TV for the rest of the night.

Pretty much a glorious and relaxing weekend.


Anonymous said...

Oh geeze...you got me addicted to your blog. there are enough bits and pieces that mimic my life exactly, and i love it hahaha (especially the Karma piece).
Look forward to new posts, girl!

B said...

I'm glad your weekend ended on a more postive note!

Not who I will be said...

Thanks B!

@ missmary, I love your blog too and will be following you!!

Toni Rose said...

awesome photo on the barbeque!!!! wish i could have some :)


Not who I will be said...

Barbecues are one of my FAVORITE parts of the summer. Makes me want to stay in NYC, just to eat my neighbors' ribs!

Not who I will be said...

@ B, THANKS! I'm glad it did too. I needed it after that disastrous Thursday (I still haven't heard back from the guy - I'm going to assume he's in jail)

Toni Rose said...


fourth of july! :)


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