Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"So...um...yeah..." and other boring phrases

Yesterday, as per usual, I looked for an excuse not to go to the gym. I succeeded. I started going back to my chiropractor because he's going to write me another letter for the other half of my body surgery that I plan on having in October-ish. It's basically like throwing $20 down a toilet that will hopefully one day spit out $15,000. In fact, it's a lot like playing the lottery. Toss a few bills here and there and pray that it will come back to you 10-(or a million)-fold. This just reminded me that I have to reschedule my appointment for tomorrow. Either that or I'll just put off seeing the neuroscan person or whatever until later next month...but I digress.

After the chiropractor, since I had decided that I was not going to bring my gym stuff with me because I 'absolutely hate the gym on 36th and Madison. It's always so busy and I hate waiting for a machine and blah blah blah (insert other inane excuses here).' Instead, I resolved to go out for a drink that I have absolutely no interest in, for one reason and one reason alone. He pays for my drinks.

It's not that I needed a drink, per se, but I won't turn one down. I deserve to be paid for sometimes! I've spent half my life tossing money in to the wind for people because I was born into a life of moderate means, while other struggle (or at least convince me they're struggling and guilt me into "paying it forward").

However,  having no interest in this guy, not being attracted to him and being kept waiting did not make for a good start to this casual date drink sharing. I got two $12 cocktails, and was starving the whole time but I didn't want to order anything because I didn't want him to feel obligated to pay for it. So I made small talk for an hour and a half.

I don't even know what we talked about, because again, not interested. I kept looking at his overbite and weird little tooth and just a million other things I didn't find attractive about him. I was cordial, because I always am, I mean dammit I'm a LADY. So I asked about random things just to try and keep conversation going while I guzzled my "Summers End" cocktails. I couldn't even see the damn TV from where we were sitting to distract myself.

He's a decent guy though. Seems to have it at least partially together. Made a point to let me know that he lives alone, has money (and doesn't think about spending it a lot), goes out often, likes to travel...etc. Basically he flaunted the fact that we was self supported and I guess money makes up for personality/chemistry?

I might've been a little rude and was responding to a handful of messages on my phone, and I DID answer a phone call as we were both getting ready to go. Through all of that though, he still invited me over to watch the basketball game and order dinner.

What I wanted to say was "Yeah, uh, no. This hour and a half moved like molasses, I couldn't possibly spend another 3 hours with you."

What I ended up saying was "We'll get together another time, it takes me an hour to get home and I'm really tired and have to go to work tomorrow. Thanks for the drinks though!" or something to that effect.

He invited me to come over to his place and cook for him this weekend. "Ahahaha, you can cook for me while I watch the paint dry on the walls because that would be way more entertaining than you."

But, as we learned two weekends ago or so, a homecooked meal does not make up for bad company. We're just not compatible, but thank you for playing.

In other news, I was so wiped out from last Thursday that I left work early and passed out at 7pm on Friday. I unfortunately skipped the apartment warming party I was supposed to attend (and was quite looking forward to) and didn't get up until midday Saturday. Went to a party in Brooklyn on Saturday and either lost money or spent it, but either way, it was fun enough. I don't party in Brooklyn for a reason though, because there's always a fight. (Some girl stepped on my foot as she was trying to rip another girl's weave hair off her head whilst we waited for the restroom). I ended up getting into a little argument at the store on my way back home when this guy did something, and I retorted and his response was "let me stick my cock down your throat, I know you'd like that." I responded with something witty and before I even realized it, my friend (moreso this older guy I knew when I was in high school and had seen earlier that evening), who I didn't know was in the store, came to my rescue and made his "nephew" apologize profusely for making such a heinous comment. I laughed and took my tipsy ass home to gorge myself on Bodega sandwich-y goodness.

I saw this guy after that that I've known for a few months and honestly, it was a waste of damn time but he lives a handful of blocks from me and I'm a creature of convenience.

Saw an old high school/childhood friend on Sunday and that was nice, catching up at least. We're extremely different people now, but it was still entertaining!

Tonight I'm going to the Yankee game and I plan on drinking an un-Tuesday appropriate amount at B's house where I will be sleeping. I'm considering moving my chiro appointment to either Friday morning or tomorrow afternoon, because tomorrow morning just seems like an AWFUL idea. --Update: Just canceled my appointment.--

Side note: did you know that you can spell cancelled with one 'L' or two 'L's? Both are actually acceptable, but the double L looks better and yet the dictionary on here likes to squiggle it!

Quotes furnished by http://bitsotruth.blogspot.com/


B said...

Yuck thats all I have to say about the Yankees. You are so funny I'm always laughing after you write about one of your dates.What do you have to have surgery for? I hope everything turns out ok.

Roxanne and Lorraine said...

I second the Yankees yuck. I approve everything else about this post. :)

I'm a creature of convenience too, but generally by overwhelming hate of most people over powers that. All these winning qualities obviously makes me a riot at parties.


stoppingfordaisies said...

Yup, knew that about canceled. I prefer 1 L for some reason. Everyone else seem to prefer and use 2.

Sorry about that guy, that's the worst. Actually, I have a similar situation that I'm gonna have to deal with soon, ugh.

Not who I will be said...

B: I don't really care either way about the Yankees (my parents are die hard fans though and I was raised that way...but baseball just ain't what it used to be to me), however, the game last night was PHENOMENAL...or at least the 9th inning was. They were down by two going into the bottom of the 9th and they scored 3 runs to win the game! That's the kind of game you wanna see. And it was a GORGEOUS night. I had a lot of fun and it's always better when the home team wins, at least for the experience.

As for the surgery, it's elective. Oddly, I also don't get freaked out or nervous when it comes to surgery. I guess I'm not really a worrisome person in that way. I trust the professionals - then again I've never had to have any kind of procedure that I didn't elect to have. I think that can change things a bit because of the pressure on the surgeons to fix something that is wrong, as opposed to just kind of make something better that wasn't completely "broken" in the first place...if that makes sense.

Lor: When convenience is a factor in any situation, I swear it trumps EVERYTHING. I'm willing to go to the ends of the earth for my friends, but don't make me travel more than 30 minutes to go see anyone else. I don't really hate MOST people, but I hate stupid people and teenagers (for the most part) so I'd say that's a pretty large part of the population. I, too, am an absolute HOOT at parties with those people. Armed with a drink in hand though, stupid doesn't seem quite as bad.

Stopping: I kind of like the double L because I've always used it that way, but I like to switch it up. When I sent out cancellation emails, I like to put one form in the subject and one in the body :)

As for the guy...I've been on worse "dates", but I keep making the same decisions. I've been kind of dating this guy that I actually have very little interest in as more than a movie buddy. I need to stop leading him on. Sigh - I don't want to deal with it either.

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