Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sparkles and rain

Friday was incredibly relaxing. I decided to bypass the gym and found myself at the movies (once by myself and then Dominicaitian met me for the second). I saw Jumping the Broom and we saw Thor 3D.

I did find out that Dominicaitian cannot cuddle in the movies. He put his arm so far down on my back that I was incredibly uncomfortable, and probably offended him when I not so politely asked him to move his arm and I weaseled my way out of his arms. Also, he was trying to be a gentleman and walked me to the train station where two things happened. I saw someone I had known back in high school and had a huge crush on and he was a great kisser, but of course he didn't recognize me because I'm almost 200 lbs lighter than I was and carry myself completely different. Anyway, I felt awkward saying hello to him and going through this whole "do you remember me..blah blah blah" thing which Dominicaitian was right there and let me tell you, this other man is beautiful. He's a personal trainer and his body is absurd. I want to know which gym he works at so I can stalk talk to him actually. So I didn't get to say hello to him, but he did accept my friend request on facebook although he didn't respond to my damn message and that's really frustrating.

The second thing I discovered while in the train station was that Dominicaitian is not a good kisser. Kissing him is pretty much like kissing two rolls of mints and not in a deliciously refreshing way, but in the "WHY ARE HIS LIPS SO HARD?" way. I don't know if I can stomach this again, but we're going to the movies and dinner again tonight...because I like movies and he really likes me. Call me an asshole because it seems like I'm using him, but he's a really nice guy and we can be good friends!

I was home by midnight which was glorious because I was so incredibly wiped out from my week and Saturday I sort of had plans with Mackenzie, this guy who basically yelled at me and harassed me all week for being inconsiderate because I didn't respond immediately to his text messages for various reasons, none of them bad. I didn't hear from him until mid afternoon when he invited me to go out to a lounge he was promoting.

Now I wouldn't say this was the best idea for a first date ever, but I had agreed to see him and so I wasn't going to prove him right and be unreliable, was I? Rain and all, I trekked my way to the city with my bottle of vodka peach iced tea with lemonade and not having eaten any carbs to soak it up at all that day. I tried to get my friend Chris to come with me, but rain does not agree with her, so oh well - I was riding dolo.

I tried not to overdo it on the alcohol content of my mixed drink, which proved to be a mistake because I didn't really get too buzzed. I also made a terrible decision and feeling a little nauseous getting off of the train, I decided inhaling a dirty water dog was a GREAT idea, so I did. This made me feel crappier, but like a trooper I downed the rest of the alcohol I had while I waited for Mack to get there. Yes, I was there before him - which I don't really like, but what are you going to do. The MTA fucks more with people from Queens than from Brooklyn so I can't complain all that much.

He was shorter than I thought he would be, but I was wearing slight heels. However, otherwise his looks were acceptable and I was ready to get my dance on. Well...almost. As soon as we got in, I made a bee line for the bathroom and proceeded to relieve my stomach of all of its hotdoggy/vodka contents. Sadly, this means that I was not tipsy in the slightest, and I take a little while to warm up in new situations. We sat for a few minutes chatting while more people got to the venue. He made a comment about waiting for the end of the night to get money for promoting. I took that as a "Sorry I will not be buying you any drinks" kind of inference, and I made my way to the bar taking advantage of the 2-for-1 drink special and downed the two vodka cranberries as quickly as I could. I began to loosen up.

A little bit of dancing later and meeting some of his friends I was feeling more at ease. Some girl was ALL over him, and I just let that be because honestly what claim did I have? I did feel his chest a lot though in that first hour. Beautiful body, seriously. DROOL. While dirtyhaired girl (a name which I coined later after he pulled me aside to tell me how bad her hair smelled) danced with him, I made my way back to the bar and got myself a Long Island with no ice. Downed that relatively quickly and was super loose now.

Commence dancing. Mack was occupied and I love soca/reggae so dubbing here we go! I started dancing with this guy and the song ended moments later. He offered to buy me a drink. WELL DUH! I'll take a drink. So we got that, and then made our way back to where we were. Come to find out, that's Mack's friend. Bueno Mack, well your friend is buying the drinks. I think I'll hover around him a bit more. Three drinks later and I'm dancing all over the place, mostly with this girl Nyje who is pretty fucking awesome and will be my new club buddy. Lots of lapdancing and sandwiches and the sparkles from my shirt sticking to everyone (we were all finding them days later).

We must've left when the club was closing because I didn't get home until 5:30. Mack had walked me to the train and after telling me earlier he was going to come home with me, he didn't. His friend tried to take me home earlier though after jamming his tongue in my mouth and propositioning me.

I got a sandwich that saved my life from the bodega on the way home and slept my Sunday away.

I haven't heard from Mack since I got home on Sunday morning after the club...I don't quite know what to make of that - but on to the next one I guess. I've spoken to Nyje and Jermaine (the friend) every day since then, so at least I got something out of that.

This weather has been making me angry and I bruised my hand at the gym yesterday, but otherwise all is well.

I want to go to Chicago in June, but no one wants to go to this comedy show with me so maybe I'll postpone.

I also hurt myself at the gym on Monday. Just a little bruise but it looks stupid and makes me look stupid.


B said...

That kiss sounds horrible and funny at the same time.I don't think going out with him again makes you an asshole just avoid his kisses and he will get a clue eventually. By the way I am not a stalker, even though I commented four times on your blog today.

Not who I will be said...

I know you're not a stalker! I appreciate that someone's reading what I write.

I will try to avoid his kisses but I will one day blog about my overwhelming sense of guilt that blankets a lot of my life in certain situations.

I just really hope I never have to kiss him again, although chance are his "lifesavers" will make me wish I were dead..again :(

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