Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Car crashes and train serenades: a typical Tuesday.

I went on a date yesterday.

This guy that I will call Dominicaitain has been trying to get me to go out with him for a little over a week now and I agreed to let him take me to see Fast Five and buy me dinner, because I wanted to see the movie and I love to eat.

After leaving work the Mexican and I went to the Vitamin Shoppe to purchase supplements and protein powder. It was a half an hour of pure laughter because I was being absolutely ridiculous and the young man working at the store was being lovely. I was trying to decide what protein mix to get, because I discovered after by first surgery that I was not a creamy shake fan and that I definitely could not drink one every day. I have also decided that I will be having a shake for breakfast every day and not snacking any more, so the purchase of a protein shake I will actually drink was really important. I decided that a banana shake would be most acceptable, everything else is too creamy and dessert like to me, and although bananas can whisper dessert, they SCREAM breakfast. So again, after a half an hour of laughing, being ridiculous and harassing the young man working at the store, we scooted off to the next destination. I decided that being a little late was perfectly acceptable and this was confirmed when I received a text from the Dominicaitian saying that the LIRR was a hot mess and that he was running late (thank you for once, MTA) and so I felt even more justified in taking my I went shopping. I went shopping at the same store I went to on Friday for my purchasing adventure because I decided on Saturday I loved the shirt I was wearing and NEEDED it in another color. Boy, I was making a lot of decisions...rare! However, my decision making prowess was pretty much enhanced by the fact that we were going to literally walk past the store and I had time to spare so why not kill two birds with one figurative stone (credit card).

Please note that the V train is now the M and this picture 
doesn't convey how obnoxious this station really is
I made it down to Chelsea probably on the same train as Dominicaitian was on.

TANGENT: To get from the 6 train at 51st street to the E/M at 53rd street staying in the station is a disaster. There are so many escalators and bottlenecks that I wished I had just walked the extra few blocks from 59th and Lex straight to the E train so I could've avoided that debauchery, but what's new?

Anyway, I arrived and we had one of those awkward text "conversations" that went something like this

Me: I'm here

Him: Where r u at? Just got here

Me: Just got off the train, SW corner (we agreed to meet on 8th Ave and 23rd, and of course each cross-section has 4 corners. What are you wearing?

Him: Long sleeve and headphones...i see u.

Of course at this point now I'm swinging my head all over to place trying to catch sight of a person with long sleeves and headphones on (not that this couldn't be half of the goddamn people on the street). I look like a fool. I decide that I'm just going to plant my feet, look in some unknown direction and wait for him to approach me.

Waiting...waiting...waiting... (this took all of about 30 seconds) *RING RING*.

He calls me and says this "Why didn't you cross the street?"

Dominicaitian, were you not the one who said you saw me and not vice versa? You obviously watched me looking around awkwardly trying to locate you, and I was not standing facing your direction, so my mission was not a success...Therefore, why would you think that I would cross the street in a random direction? Was I supposed to guess which of the other 3 corners you were on? Silly Dominacaitian.

I saw him though, and moseyed over to where he was. We went to the movies and it was nice. Delicious popcorn left two not so delicious stains on my brand new shirt though. I was a little surprised that he didn't even try to hold my hand, or touch my leg or make any kind of physical contact. I slightly worried that he was not physically attracted to me, although, just for honesty's sake - I'm not all that attracted to him (but his height is great and his demeanor is sweet and he's easy to converse with. Sadly, he has messy mostly bottom that actually show when he talks - my bottom teeth aren't the best, but you hardly ever see them. Also, he's not quite as svelte as I generally like them, but maybe that's better. He has a very cuddly vibe, although at this point I really only want to friend cuddle). Anyway, I shifted a few times in my seat to try and prompt him to, I don't know, touch my arm? Take my hand? Who knows, but I wanted him to show that he was at least a little interested in me. What I got in response to my shifting however was an "Are you ok?"

I think I physically slumped at that point feeling kind of defeated. I guess my flirting capabilities in a dark movie theater are subpar at best, but I kind of like that he was into the movie and let me be into the movie.

Appropriately, considering the movie we saw, there was an accident outside. A taxi cab driver decided that taking a right from the inside lane with an 18 wheeler on its left making the same right turn would be a good idea. The taxi was SQUISHED between the 18 wheeler and a parked armored security truck. The windows were busted and the cabbie was still inside. I know he was embarrassed because EVERYONE and their mother in Chelsea were taking pictures and laughing at him. I did not laugh, but as you can see, I took a shitty picture (or Dominicaitian took it for me - so I blame the shittiness on him)

We went for pizza after that and I learned about his family and things like that. Sounds like he's got a decent ones, most with college degrees or at least going to school. His older brothers are married and have children WITHIN wedlock. Maybe there's hope yet...except he does this nervous breathy chuckle thing quite often that got on my nerves more than once but I smiled and went with it because I was trying not to be all nitpicky with things I didn't like (which is generally what I do with everything).

I actually got home quite fast, but I was cursed yet again, by the train gods. I swear they always have to throw a crazy/drunk/homeless/smelly/loud person onto the train with me, or at least a combination of at least two of those attributes. This one was particularly loud and drunk, and most likely very homeless and crazy. I luckily didn't have to smell him! He sat on the floor of the train, which makes perfect sense considering all of the amazing qualities he possesses. He sang, the ENTIRE ride home, from my stop until the one just before me. He didn't have a nice voice however. It sounded like a dying/crying cat with a bad itch in their throat that was strained from crazy loud rantings earlier in the evening..and he was off-key. Through all of this though, I was able to laugh because his song selection was impeccable. If the man was going to sing so horrifically, at least he was singing the Mickey Mouse Club song. Yes, I laughed hysterically as he spelt out "M-I-C K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E." I also chuckled through his rendition of "Man in the Mirror" because I don't think he has looked in a mirror for a VERY long time, and he definitely was trying to start with someone else on the train as opposed to himself.

All in all, a pleasant Tuesday. Steel Pans (who I will talk about at some point in the future) didn't come over yet again. I'm about to knock him off of the BC list because he has just been unavailable lately!

Oh and I did have my protein shake this morning, and it was delicious enough that I think I can tolerate replacing one meal a day with it.

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