Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's not really OK..

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It's OK...

That I'm eating Broccoli Cheddar soup for breakfast because I couldn't make a goddamn soup selection at lunch yesterday - so I bought three kinds

That I've spoken to 6 T-Mobile, 2 Blackberry and 4 Expedia customer service reps in the past two weeks, and I've just about had it up to here, with those people. (This is not actually OK, but I'm trying to breathe about it) - UPDATE: They're sending me a new phone tomorrow - Thank you, Jerry. You're the only one who has made the wise decision to just stop dealing with me altogether.

That I've almost broken down into tears of frustration three times while lashing out at said customer service people.

That I slept in today because I just didn't feel like getting up at 7:20am.

That my love for Express pants is officially over, as they have a shelf life of about a year before SOMETHING goes wrong with them (lost the inside button on my pants about 10 minutes ago)

That I will be packing and re-packing this weekend because Jamaica is only 5 and a half days away.

That I've convinced my friend to let me be her youngest daughter's godmother...and that she probably doesn't think I'm DEAD serious about this. That little girl is precious.

That I haven't talked to my own godparents yet about seeing/staying with them in Florida in a few weeks.

That I'm excited to rent a car without having to pay extra fees because I'm 25!

That car rental is the only reason I'm excited to be 25.

That I get to see my friend's new baby on Saturday and I have to get a gift (YAY) and stop being lazy (BOO)

That my nails are bright pink, and I would show you a picture I took on my phone but my facebook isn't activated yet because I just had to reboot my whole damn phone.

To have, and I shit you not, 40 books on my Kindle and yet feel so inclined to purchase YET ANOTHER. (50 Shades of Grey, here I come)

That I actually grew balls and told my boss that if I was going to be taking on even more jobs, that I wanted to be compensated for my efforts (I smell a raise, and it smells like freshly baked bread and just-mowed grass)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A to Z

A is for age: 25
B is for breakfast: Orange Juice that made me sick and part of a Bear Claw
C is for currently craving: Still Dark Chocolate Mint M&Ms
D is for dinner tonight: Not a clue
E is for favorite type of exercise: None! Or Jillian Michaels
F is for irrational fear: I don't think I have any
G is for gross food: I don't find anything particularly gross
H is for hometown: Brooklyn
I is for something important: Parents and friends.
J is for current favorite jam: Strawberry! Breathe Carolina - Blackout, because that's my life.
K is for kids: I don't have any, but I may have a Godchild now. That's still in negotiations.
L is for current location: Manhattan
M is for most recent way you spent money: I bought three soups at Au Bon Pain because I couldn't decide which I wanted. They're all in the fridge.
N is for something you need: To get into shape.
O is for occupation: Fellowship Coordinator and Pre-Award Grants Administrator
P is for pet peeve: A lot of subway etiquette things
Q is for quote: "What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?"
R is for Random fact about you: I'm currently listening to Young, Wild & Free - Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa
S is for favorite healthy snack: Grape Tomatoes.
T is for favorite treat: Recently, the giant chocolate chip cookies at Le Pain Quotidien.
U is for something that makes you unique: I'm sure there are a lot of things, but probably my stupid knee scar.
V is for favorite vegetable: Since cucumbers and tomatoes are technically fruit...snow pea leaves.
W is for today's workout: Does not exist. Maybe 30 day shred
X is for x-rays you've had: Knee and foot. I've had stomach MRIs though.
Y is for yesterday's highlight: Jennifer had her baby!
Z is for your time zone: EST

Wednesday Woes - new linkup?

I'm considering starting a new link up "Wednesday Woes". I mean, who doesn't enjoy complaining on a Wednesday? Wednesday is that day of the work week we're all just trying to get through. You're a day closer to the upcoming weekend, but last weekend is already two days behind you and you still have two more week days ahead. What do you think?

Today's woes:

1. The Department of Sanitation basically threw garbage all over everyone trying to take the bus to work this morning. 
I mean seriously. For whatever reason, during rush hour, the garbage truck on 68th street decided it would be a FABULOUS idea to "stand" diagonally to load the garbage onto the truck. This messed everything up because cars and BUSES need to get down this block. More than half of the people on the bus got off because we were all going to be late to work. Which brings be to woes #2

2. Waking up early. 
Look, I think waking up early-ish actually puts me in a better mood...when I can go to bed before midnight. Waking up before 7am should be outlawed. I've had to be at work early the past two days, and although my train ride is a touch better because there are less people crowded and I usually get a seat sooner, I still would rather have that extra 30-45 minutes of sleep. There are very few people in this world that are not a mess in the morning, why start that earlier?

3. No one uses my toothbrush but me, but it's always wet.
So apparently, my dad has not been randomly using my toothbrush, although sometimes I really don't think he looks at which one he's picking up because it's before 7 am (see #2). However, all of our toothbrushes are in the toothbrush cup thing together. I swear he must use excessive water when brushing/washing the brush, because my toothbrush is OFTEN wet before I get to it. This makes me uncomfortable, and I've thrown away my fair share of toothbrushes because of it.

4. This weather.
I don't understand how it can be near 80 degrees on a Thursday, and then 18 degrees (factoring in windchill) on Monday. I just can't keep up with where my wardrobe should be right now. I was so ready for straight up sandal season, but now I'm back to winter boots. Mother nature, you're being very cruel.

In a more "What I'm loving Wednesday" vein, my friend finally had her baby!! I'm hoping I can get to my house quickly enough this afternoon to go see her at the hospital.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being let go and not being able to let go.

I've never been fired from a job before. I've never been asked to leave, or been given notice. Let me knock on wood for a second....My coworker, whom I've grown fond of over the past year, is being let go. Her boss got promoted, and now, as a Dean, she's being provided a new assistant through the Dean's office. You know what I say to that? GODDAMMIT.

I hear they're hiring a temp in a few weeks to cover for her. That really blows, because now I'll be doing my job, and someone else's...again, and the time it takes to train a temp, if they aren't going to be staying, is time wasted. I'm just irritated, because my coworker's boss is really hard to work with and she's really patronizing, and not a lot of people can handle that. Also, there's a chemistry in the office that just works, and they're planning on hiring some "senior administrator", which probably means OLD. I don't want to work in the office with an old lady, honestly.

Sorry, that's mean and ageist, but we're trying to be really tech savvy in this office, and if I'm the only one who knows how to work the goddamn equipment, my workload quadruples.

Also, I just feel bad for my coworker, because she put an offer on a condo and in 3 weeks, she may not have a job. It's just a shitty situation all around.

Speaking of shitty situations. I spent almost 3 hours total on the phone with Expedia's custom service yesterday, to change my flights for my trip to Atlanta and Florida. To begin with, it sucked that I had to change the flights at all, but my job was being really anal about shit that I thought I had approval for, but apparently I did not. So I am now going to Atlanta on Tuesday, April 24th around noon, spending two nights at the Marriott - Wednesday and Thursday at the conference. Thursday night with H, and then Friday I will be flying to Florida to see the fam and flying out Monday, BRIGHT AND EARLY (another shitty situation) and trying to make it to work around noon. It's going to be a busy day.

Can anyone really explain to me the difference between an Economy car and a Compact car though? For three dollars more, I can rent a compact car. For three dollars more than that I can rent a midsize. I HATE 2 door cars, like really really, so I refuse to get one and want to know if that's what Economy means. I'm so bad with cars, but I'm pretty excited that now I'm 25, I don't have to pay an extra fee a day to rent a car. I also now have far too many credit cards than I should have, but I'm good about keeping on top of them, so I guess I'm building up credit.

The cards sure are taking a beating though. I decided yesterday, that instead of going to the gym like my surgeon said I should probably start doing again (and he's right, because I spent $75 on the gym this month and honestly, I don't plan on going this bye bye $75), I decided to shop.

I got about $350 worth of clothing for $200. I have a problem making decisions, so I got a few things in multiple colors. In fact, I think I got three different things in two colors a piece. I don't even know if I really look good in that orange-y coral color that's so in season, but we shall see. What I do need to do though, is do some more ab stuff, because this belly! No bueno.

On Friday I went on a friend date. We ate at Bubba Gump's (because I really really wanted seafood) and saw Hunger Games (like everyone and their mom). I almost killed the guy though, because he was late. I had just spent a cool hour and a half in Bed Bath and Beyond, buying shit that was so beyond what I needed, that I was really upset when I was waiting 45 minutes with my big bag, in Times Square, outside of the movie theater.

Times Square is like the black hole of the Universe. Time, happiness and money all get sucked into it, never to return. I wanted to rip my hair out, but instead I sent an angry text and contemplated leaving his ass. He's a good guy though, and my work lunch buddy, so I held it together and we had a nice dinner/movie.

Saturday I was supposed to go out with Little D, but there was some confusion over the tickets to the party and yadda yadda, we didn't go. I was ok with this because Delta was supposed to come over (oh yeah, did I tell you, he's baaaaaaack). That, however, fell apart. I think I might've jumped down his throat a little early, but honestly, the whole situation was a bit to reminiscent of the rest of our "relationship" and I am NOT down to repeat that.

Let me backtrack. Delta messaged me LAST Sunday, the 18th because for whatever reason he remembered my number for the past year. He wanted to see me. I wasn't doing anything. I made no plans with him. Told him if he came by, he came by. The end.

He came by.

We sat on my porch for a while listening to music and "talking". I tried not to feel awkward. I looked like garbage and didn't care. He's just lucky I wasn't still wearing the sweats I had been wearing for almost 48 hours at that point. He showed his true Jamaican side (yep, I said it. He's a Yardi) He danced to my music, I chuckled, and continued to try not to feel awkward. We hugged for a while. It was uncomfortable. Not because it was with him, but because he's so tall and lanky and my head was in an awkward position and it just wasn't comfortable.

Anyway, this past Saturday he asked to spend the night. I'm an idiot so I agreed. I told him he should make me dinner.

He asked what I wanted (an hour later) and I responded (something delicious)...That was at 4:35pm. 

At 5:48pm I said "So if I eat dinner before you get back to me, you should probably forget tonight." 

At 6:46pm I get the response "Ok cool." To which I response "Ok cool what? I'm about go to eat."

"U said for get to night."

"You obviously can't read well. But year, just forget it all. Nothing's changed Delta, and I said I wouldn't do this again."

"U said befor u eat."

"I said IF. IF you didn't get back to me before I ate, THEN forget tonight. Jesus..."

"Relax u said for get it I'm still comin by" ----WHAT?! How does this make sense. "For get wat cookin" "Our comin by"

At which point I flipped out "Forget it all Delta"...blah blah blah I went on to say forget second and third chances and tell him not to try and contact me again. This was at 7:40pm.

At THREE FORTY SEVEN AM, he said he was on his way from Long Island when I said not to come, and he was coming all the way from far out in LI. I said it was too late. He said it wasn't. Told me he had gotten to Brooklyn at 8:15.

We are NOT going to work out. I'm already frustrated. Maybe I'm being a girl about this, but the reason I had to cut him out of my life the first time was due to his lack of respect for my time...and nothing has changed. We're still "talking" because I realized I MAY have overreacted a touch, but I can see where this is going and it's nowhere good.

8 days until Jamaica. I need it.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

I lied - it is OK (Thursday)

It's OK...

  • To watch an episode of Spartacus on the Q train on someone else's iPad
  • To use friends as therapists from time to time
  • To need closure - there's nothing wrong with that!
  • To plan to see Hunger Games on Monday because crowded theaters are stupid
  • To have had at least 15 beers last night for dollar beer night
  • To "suntan" through an office window because it's beautiful outside
  • To be bloated - as long as it's temporary
  • To have considered flying to Chicago for one day this weekend just to see people (and go to the movies with Mo)
  • To take free lunch from the office, even without going to the conference it's for
  • To be excited for vacation in 13 days
  • To rip the tags out of shirts because they're scratchy
  • To run into old college dorm neighbors/old football team members and give them desserts
  • To act baking incompetent so that it feels like a dessert making class was worth it (it was not - I should've been at Blockheads sipping on cheap bulldogs and eating Mexican food with a bunch of friends, enjoying the weather)

It's not OK that the hem on most of my work pants have all fallen this week and have to pay AGAIN to get them re-hemmed. Motherfuckers.  

I'm not perfect - big surprise.

I wanted it to be OK on Thursday, but it's not...

I have a lot of character flaws, I accept that. One of my major flaws though, is my inability to let go.

I dwell. I get like a broken record. When I drink, it always comes back. If I don't have complete closure on a situation, I don't know if I ever let it go. Maybe many months and/or years later I can push it to the back of my mind and not really actively think about it, but that's rare.

I bring this up, because I think I could possibly mess up a friendship because of something I truly believe that her "boyfriend" did (to me), and that no one holds him accountable for. I don't know what I'm really expecting her to do; even if I had solid proof that he actually did it, but little things keep pointing me to think he did...and I keep bringing it up to her.

I don't mean to. I do it unconsciously. When I hear something about him, I just want to run to her and tell her. Maybe it's just trying to be protective of her, by making sure she knows exactly what he's done, so at least she knows what she's getting into. I don't know what it is that really gets under my skin about this situation, but I've been analyzing it all morning.

Last night I went to dollar beers with B. It was a lot of fun, but at some point she mentioned there was a picture of the "boyfriend" holding/talking on the phone that he may or "may not" have stolen from me. This resulted in my tipsy fingers going to work telling my friend that I was positive he took my phone and I expected something in return - the message was actually a lot more elegant....and brutal. What I think I really want is an apology; some accountability. Fuck, I'll take a simple admittance. I'd rather know my enemy, than just be suspicious all the time.

Why can't I get over something that happened 8 months ago? What's more, why can't I get over something that will never have a resolution? What am I expecting to happen? What do I want from her? What do I need from him?

See, this girl and I aren't super duper close, but she's a friend. I know she talks to this guy pretty much every day and I do think that he's taking advantage of her...but she's letting him and loving him all the same. However, their relationship is probably stronger than mine with her. Am I trying to drive a wedge between them? Am I doing it because I care about her and don't want to see her be used? Or am I bitter towards him?
I just don't know and I can't seem to get over it. 

I think that when it comes down to it, what really grinds my gears is that back when the thievery took place, she said if it was him that she wouldn't speak to him again because it was such a shitty thing to do...yadda yadda. I know months have passed and they're way closer than they were back in October, but if it "was him", would she "stop speaking to him"? Nope. I know that, she knows that. She might believe me. She might even believe that he did do it, but it changes nothing. Essentially, I know that she would choose him over me - even after the constant BULLSHIT that he puts her through. And that, my friends, is the icing on the proverbial cake.

Steal a phone; steal a friend. No accountability. 

Can't let go - but I have to, if I plan on salvaging what's left of this damn friendship and my sanity.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm loving Wednesday

I know I've said this before, but I'm in love with grape tomatoes. I can go through pints and pints a day. I've already been through two containers today.
Specifically, Maya Farms Sweet Grape Tomatoes
Hunger Games
I'm just excited that the movie is finally coming out on Friday. I haven't been the movies in so long and this is definitely going to be the one that I want to break that trend with

Game of Thrones
It's coming back April 1st! AND I'm almost done with the second book. It's been tough to get through because it's so lengthy and I only really read on my commute, but this morning's read was really great, so I'm reinvigorated to finish in the next two weeks.

Vacation in two weeks (and 4 weeks)!
I may be going back to Jamaica, but it's still exciting and I'm happy to get out of this country and spend some QT with people I adore. I'm also excited for Atlanta and Florida in a month for work, friends and family!

Friend of mine took this picture when she was there recently.
Dessert making class!
I signed up for a 2 hour dessert making class through a Meetup at Coco Le Vu. I hope it's great. Either way, I'll satisfy my sweets cravings that are out of control right now.

The Weather 
Not at this moment because it's foggy and kind of yuck, but they say it's going to be 80 degrees tomorrow and B and I are probably going to go to Honey or some other outdoor digs and enjoy the weather and the night!

This song (David Barnes - Little Lies)
Pandora is doing great things today.

I had a lot of fun at the meetup on Monday playing trivia at Whiskey Town. I totally contributed too! We didn't win, but it was still pretty awesome! Met some good people too. Considering signing up for kickball because of it. (Also, I stole two beer cozies! So did most people.)
Yes, I wear bright ass colors. It was a beautiful pre-spring day!
Now if only I had surf and turf, my life would be complete! I want raw seafood and a really nice steak. Might have to hit up City Island ASAP.

I'm loving a lot more right now, but my feet are hurting and it's distracting. Walking 3 miles on the first sandal day of the year was probably not the best idea. Then trying on new shoes (still have to decide which ones to keep) was probably not brilliant either.

Help me decide which shoes to keep!
  1. Hush puppies (so comfy - probably keeping)
  2. Michael Antonio (in black and silver) - still trying to decide if they're comfortable.
  3. Nine West (pretty positive I'm keeping these)
  4. Dolce Vita (the metal on them could get irritating, but they're nice to look at
  5. Not Rated (these are fun but I still don't know how I feel about the T-strap)
And I got a pair of my favorite flip flops in "Rasta" for good measure.

Happy hump day! It's almost the weekend!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In which, like many, I am Irish for a day

...and kind of rude

So as you may know, I've really been trying to be more social lately. The weather has improved, and that makes it a lot easier, but essentially...I'm putting in effort!

On Friday, after work, I decided to go out to impromptu drinks with someone I haven't seen in over a year. We've only ever hung out once, but we chit chat on facebook and occasionally via text, and we both needed a drink that day.

Let me first tell you why I needed a drink.

Thursday was a BRUTAL day at work. I was told by my boss I should take Friday off to recuperate. I had every intention of doing this, sitting at home, watching know, sulking. However, I went to send this one lowly email out to my Fellows, which I do every Friday, and lo and behold there is an email from one of the people I work with, basically saying I majorly fucked something up the day before.

I'm not one to let things like that go, and I ignored the text from my boss saying she was taking care of the issue.

I got to the office at 1pm and went through a traumatizing meeting at 3pm where I cried a little bit. It was kind of hard to deal with because on one hand my boss was saying how much she valued me and how great I was, and on the other hand, the person I messed the thing up for was telling me that I basically sucked. I got defensive. I just don't like doing a bad job. However, we're on the right track with the open communication and I'm improving in terms of these mini oversights that build up to be way bigger issues.

Needless to say (even if I've already said it), I needed a damn drink.

We decided to meet at the stumble, but thanks to it being happy hour on a Friday during March Madness, it was PACKED. So we went to this little quiet bar next door and drank beer and chatted. Then we went to the Stumble when happy hour was over. It was a lot of fun, definitely just nice and casual, good conversation, some shimmying here and there. It was a good time.

One of my favorite parts of the night was what I did when I was pretty tipsy. I wanted to play beer pong, so I went to see what the wait was like. There was a list on the wall and someone told me that most of those teams had already played, so I took it upon myself to ERASE THE ENTIRE BOARD. With my hand. And put only my name on top. Then I walked away and never came back.

I'm so classy.

Saturday, I had plans to go out with this girl whom I adore and will name Little D, because she's so little! Love her though.

Anyway, it being St. Patty's day in New York, I was considering doing the whole "day drink until you vomit green" thing, but instead I hung out at home.

We finally met up at 10pm. I was being really good and only brought a small mixed drink on the train, and a small bottle of ginger ale. I am really working on this black out situation! Little D was late, as usual, but whatever. We went over to Brother Jimmy's for wings and a Fish Bowl.

The fish bowl wasn't very strong, but it was perfect in a way, because it allowed us to gradually get tipsy. Then we went to meet up with one of her guys and his friends, but not before doing Irish Car Bombs at the bar and belting out Journey and dancing.

I told you we were classy.

At the first bar, we got a lot of vodka and a little bit of cranberry juice, because the bartender liked Little D.

Here are some of my favorite moments from that bar:

1. One of the friends we had met up with was wasted, and was kind of smelling D's front of his friend, who she was with. So we knew he had to go. Every time I saw him with a drink I would take it out of his hand and move it to the other side of the bar. I had never met this man before, and the look on his drunken face when I rook the beers was priceless.

2. We walked into the back room and there was a BIG girl on the pool table. I abruptly stopped, turned around, and exited the back room saying "It's time to go when there are fat people on the pool tables." I proceeded to explain how I used to be fat, and I wouldn't be caught dead on a pool table, because you never know how sturdy those things are.

I pretty much kept the drinks flowing until we were ready to go. I chatted with a lot of random people and had a lot of fun.

We went to Mercury Bar after that where we were a mess, but in a good way. Not sloppy, just not sober. 

-I convinced a girl that my family was from the same place as hers in Ireland.
-We somehow got beads, somehow. (By asking someone). Some guy asked me for one of my beads, and I responded with "What are you going to show me for them?" He lifted his shirt and showed his abs and chest, and I said "Sorry, not good enough, I really like these beads." And walked away.
-Danced with a lot of service men
-Kept losing D. I would go to look for her, and she would have just walked in the opposite direction looking for me.

D wanted fries from McDonald's and when we were on line this guy skipped her, and she called him out on it. He was a rude "model" and we told him that. Then I proceeded to tell him "You really shouldn't be eating greasy McDonald's your skin is not that great to begin with, and this won't help." Then we walked away. As we were leaving, I dropped D's french fries on the floor. All of them. I proceeded to tell them I was "Going to play my white card and get more."...I got a whole replacement order for free. The woman at the counter didn't even ask, she already had the fries ready because she saw me drop them.

Then I stole an orange from a street fruit man. Well...I was about to, because he was nowhere in sight. I ended up buying it and a nectarine.

Basically, it was a great night and I didn't black out at all!...That's a bit of lie though.

When I got home, I was texting Steel Pans and he was coming over. I unlocked the door, got myself into my pajamas, and the next thing I remember was waking up with no pants.

He did indeed come over though. Ah the things I do when I drink.

Yesterday, I went to a Trivia Meetup. Walked about 2-3 miles to get there. Drank a lot of beer. Had some of the answers. Had good conversations with professionals. It was a really good time. Had a hard time sleeping though, and so I came into work late.

Tomorrow I have a dessert making class, which means I can't go to dollar beer night, but I'm sure it will be delicious.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sorry for partying? A return to having a social life.

No seriously. I had to apologize for accepting a free beer yesterday. In fact, my "date" left me because of it.

Let's rewind back to the beginning. On Sunday I started talking to this guy from OKC. It was awesome. Our texting was perfect. I had such a grade school kid crush. We made plans to meet up yesterday for drinks.

I worked until 7:30pm, even though my intention was to just watch tv on my work computer to kill time. Obviously, that was not one of the researchers I work with's plan.

I finally met up with the guy at 8pm by Grand Central. He was in this bar called Muldoons that had a shitty crowd, but they had Karaoke, which is totally his thing. As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, I was not impressed. His voice and mannerisms reminded me of 'Bino...who is gay. Something about him just didn't sit right at first, but I tried to make the best of the situation.

I bought myself my first drink, because he didn't really offer...which was interesting in and of itself. Maybe I just jumped the gun because I needed a drink. Blue moon with an Absolut Mandarin topper, please and thank you.

He sang. He was really into it. He sounded terrible, in my humble opinion. He thinks he sounds great. Bad sign number 2. Still trying to make this work because we had such great text chemistry (does that even exist?!). They were promoting Irish beers for St. Patty's day, so we had a flight of free beer (Harp, Smithwick's and Guinness). We turned the Guinness into a small Irish Car Bomb, which he did pay for. Redemption. Still at -1 though.

We went to this place called Turtle Bay afterwards and got another beer. Note, it was dollar beer night. We were hanging out downstairs when he decided that we should go upstairs. We went upstairs and shortly thereafter he went to use the restroom.

In that time, I was left standing there with my dollar beer, and a guy and his two friends were sitting at the bar with 20 beers in front of them. I had just finished my beer, and one of the guys, a big guy. 6'4" and hefty, offered me one of their millions of beers. Why would I decline? I was waiting for the other guy, I was out of beer, and it was a dollar. You can't expect anything in return for a dollar beer when you have 20 of them, right?

So I drank, we flirted a bit, and I kept checking for the guy I came with to come back. Then I get a text.

Apparently, the guy saw me "flirting" with big dude and decided it was time for him to go because I was ridiculous/rude for accepting the beer and blah blah blah. I sent a bunch of messages back, tried to call him, he didn't answer. He finally said he was outside. I went to go "talk" to him.

I told him I was looking for him, and he was being ridiculous. It became kind of an argument. I said something to the effect of "I'm not arguing about this. Not here. Not now." and I started to walk away. He said "I'm not going to chase after you." My response? "I wasn't asking you to."

And that was the end of that. I haven't spoken to him since. I went back in and continued to enjoy my evening. I was dancing and probably had at least 6 more beers because big dude decided to buy two more rounds of 20. I hadn't eaten, and for whatever reason I didn't eat the wings they offered me. I was really excited at the thought of going to the strip club which they had brought up. One of them, the one who kind of looked Asian, but turns out was hispanic (I'm thinking it wrong that I wanted to write "Flip". Whatever.) He wasn't going to come to the strip club, so I tried to convince him. I guess that kind of led to flirting.

I don't really know what happened, but big dude went to the bathroom and I was talking to Flip. He expressed his interest in me and when big dude came back we kind of were trying to sneak away. It was like a little game. I don't know how it all happened, but we snuck upstairs and were talking and then when we came back downstairs big dude was upset. Called me a bitch and a ho, because I "chose his friend" over him.

I really can't keep up with this whole story. Big dude was wasted. I was pretty done. Flip was laying it on thick, my ego grew to the size of the bar. It was so sweet. He kept talking about my boobs and ass though. I guess I looked hot. Cha ching!

We went downstairs and he bought me another beer. We were chatting and somehow I ended up going home with him. Back to Brooklyn. To Williamsburg. He bought me a sandwich that I didn't eat until this morning. We just made out a lot. Nothing more than that. It was late as shit. He spent HOURS trying to convince me to stay. He offered his bed, and he would sleep on the couch. He offered the keys to his apartment so I could lock up behind me if I left for work after him. Ridiculous.

I called a car service and we waited in the FREEZING COLD at 4:30am. I think he was upset-ish I didn't stay with him. When I got in the cab, he just kind of said a quick bye and took off. He was going to give me money for the cab, but he didn't. I wish he had. That shit cost me 28 bucks!

Also, the car service driver decided it would be a good time to hit on me. It was really funny actually. He was disappointed that the guy and I didn't hook up though, because "nobody won".

All in all, absurd night. I pissed off two guys. Went home with another. Managed to keep my pants on.

I went to work at 11am today. Big mess.

It's 70 degrees outside. Honey tonight. I might die. I hope my stomach gets its act together, because I need to it to steel up.

Beer might be the solution to my blacking out problem.

I'll add pictures later when my stupid phone connects to facebook.

Monday, March 5, 2012

I really want to post..

But my boobs are itching so much it's ALL I can think about. Seriously, this is absurd.

Here's a recap of what's happened in the past few days.

  • I'm still talking to the new friend and actually will be going with him to the ENT in about an hour.
  • I shared a pitcher of cider at the Stumble on Friday with my coworker which left a really nice buzz and was a good time.
  • Friday we celebrated the Mexican's birthday. Dinner was $78 each, and that was the cheapest out of what everyone paid.
  • I didn't drink at the second bar we went to, but I did see my fellow...which was awkward.
  • Didn't do anything until Sunday night - even though I sort of had plans.
  • Started talking to a new guy yesterday that I'm really feeling. He's my DB4L (Drinking Buddy 4 Life)
  • Steel Pans came over last night, and stayed. I forgot that he snores. It made sleeping VERY difficult. We did cuddle a little bit though, so that was nice.
  • I have plans for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday...and I'm tired just thinking about it.

That is all.
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