Friday, May 20, 2011

$200 on a Thursday

Essentially, this is what my week has looked like:

I've had too much to drink and my liver is probably really upset at me right now. I might actually have a hernia which might actually explain the pain to my torso, but I also might be making that up.

I don't know when I became a goddamn social butterfly, but this is getting exhausting and expensive. After drinking on Wednesday and my whole MTA debacle you'd think I would take a little time to recoup, because I've been exhausted. Nope, that's not what 3/4 Rockstar's do (Note: 3/4 Rockstar is the title Mack gave me because of my partying but still having a day job - I would not accept merely being a half Rockstar)

 I had made plans with Christiana at some point last weekend to go back to Honey for happy hour drinks and dancing and I wasn't about to bail. Also, I invited Mack, who invited Nyje to come as well. In addition, I basically begged B to come as well (by begged, I mean I told her she had no choice and that I would see her in an hour - she listened because I'm THAT persuasive when I'm in a good mood)

I left work after another painfully boring day and unfortunately, after putting in my contacts, half of my eyeshadow wiped off. My solution was to go to Sephora and get them to do my make up so I could go out and not look a hot mess.

So I did. I went to Sephora where this woman "helped" me, by making me look like A CLOWN. I mean I don't know where the fuck I was supposed to be going, but it was 5pm and I wanted a clean "day-to-night transition" look. I looked like a Panda, with these dark pink, sparkly, roundish, THINGS on my eyelids. However, I smiled, said thank you, put my sunglasses back on, bought my own eyeshadow and left with some of the tester brushes in my bag. As I walked down the street I wiped all of that shit off with a little bit of make up remover I stole and a babywipe.

I had no mirror, so I didn't know if I got it all, so I because that asshole on the train with their sunglasses on. I went to Subway when I got across from Honey, and while I did not "Eat Fresh", I certainly fixed my face.

I made my way across the street to meet Chris for happy hour and there the drinking began. We were drinking with some Navy folk because it's Fleet Week until B got there. Chris and I each had two drinks while we were waiting, at a cool happy hour price of $5. Her tongue started to get a little loose and some things were said that really weren't the nicest, but I brushed them off and continued to pound back the booze.

B got there which made me happy because who doesn't love spending time with their best friend? We were drinking more. Ordered some Nachos and waited for Mack. Mack got there and initially they wouldn't let him in because the fool wore silver damn SNEAKERS... to a Manhattan...I swear this kid is brilliant. Anyway, Nyje got there and she joined us in the little outside area we were drinking in. Since the bouncer and I are best buds, I convinced him to let Mack come into the little fenced area if he didn't actually go inside of the lounge. Then, by the grace of some god, one of the promoters came in wearing sneakers and the bouncer said that if the promoter whose party it was was going to wear sneakers, he didn't see why Mack couldn't. We all got to go in.

Mind you, we went in after 9pm and 20 cocktails. That's right, between the 5 of us we had 20 cocktails. Chris had two, Mack had two, Nyje and two. B and I? 14. I was only supposed to be paying for B, that's why I count us together. Our waitress Smiley loved us and we loved her and she kept the booze flowing.

When we got inside the dancing began and was a ton of fun. Myself, not feeling sufficiently drunk, got myself two Long Island's with no ice. I shared them, so it's fine. Then B suggested shots, and I was all for it. Nyje, B and I took 3 a piece. We left the place just after midnight, sloshed.

Mack went home,  Chris had gone home earlier. Nyje, B and I went very briefly to another bar in the meatpacking district, but since I had work in the morning...I decided to be responsible and suggest we leave. So we did.

For the first time in my entire life, I missed my train stop. I woke up with the doors closing at the stop after mine. Luckily, my train runs really local in Brooklyn and so the next stop was literally the next block. I walked home. Got in about 2:30am.

I'm quite dirty right now, but I managed to make it to work pretty much on time. Unfortunately, I found the receipt from the evening in my pocket this morning. It goes as follows:

Cocktails  $100 (20 @ $5)
Nachos $8
Long Island Iced Teas $26 (2 @ $13)
Shots $54 (9 @ $6)
Tax ~$14
Tip $20
Total: $222 - $40 from Christiana for her drinks and food (I guess I paid for Mack and Nyje)

Grand Total for my Thursday Evening: $182

This shit is bananas and unacceptable for a Thursday evening. I just want to go to bed!


Austin Eavesdropper said...

Hi friend. :) First of all, thank you for stopping by Austin Eavesdropper. I am ridiculously excited to visit your city next week ... it's the fifth time I've been, but even so, that little kid sense of wide-eyed wonder still hasn't dissipated.
Secondly, let's just talk about makeup counters. Girl, every single time I've been "made over" for a wedding, the results are A DISASTER. So much now that I've begun to think, "is something wrong with my face? Do I just have a really challenging face to put makeup on?" So you are not alone in your Sephora debacle -- and hey, in the end, stuff like that is good material for a story, right? :)

Not who I will be said...

No problem! I enjoy reading your blog.

I love your city as well! My best friend from college lives there and I can't wait to go back and visit. I'm sure that you'll have a blast next week!

This was the first time I went to a make up counter thing. I've had other people do my make up before and I don't really like it either. Maybe I'm just picky about how my make up is done, or maybe I just know my face best..

It does make a great story when things like that happen though :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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