Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's not really OK..

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It's OK...

That I'm eating Broccoli Cheddar soup for breakfast because I couldn't make a goddamn soup selection at lunch yesterday - so I bought three kinds

That I've spoken to 6 T-Mobile, 2 Blackberry and 4 Expedia customer service reps in the past two weeks, and I've just about had it up to here, with those people. (This is not actually OK, but I'm trying to breathe about it) - UPDATE: They're sending me a new phone tomorrow - Thank you, Jerry. You're the only one who has made the wise decision to just stop dealing with me altogether.

That I've almost broken down into tears of frustration three times while lashing out at said customer service people.

That I slept in today because I just didn't feel like getting up at 7:20am.

That my love for Express pants is officially over, as they have a shelf life of about a year before SOMETHING goes wrong with them (lost the inside button on my pants about 10 minutes ago)

That I will be packing and re-packing this weekend because Jamaica is only 5 and a half days away.

That I've convinced my friend to let me be her youngest daughter's godmother...and that she probably doesn't think I'm DEAD serious about this. That little girl is precious.

That I haven't talked to my own godparents yet about seeing/staying with them in Florida in a few weeks.

That I'm excited to rent a car without having to pay extra fees because I'm 25!

That car rental is the only reason I'm excited to be 25.

That I get to see my friend's new baby on Saturday and I have to get a gift (YAY) and stop being lazy (BOO)

That my nails are bright pink, and I would show you a picture I took on my phone but my facebook isn't activated yet because I just had to reboot my whole damn phone.

To have, and I shit you not, 40 books on my Kindle and yet feel so inclined to purchase YET ANOTHER. (50 Shades of Grey, here I come)

That I actually grew balls and told my boss that if I was going to be taking on even more jobs, that I wanted to be compensated for my efforts (I smell a raise, and it smells like freshly baked bread and just-mowed grass)


Monica said...

LMAO is that what a raise smells like? I must not be getting the good ones!

Monica said...

Absolutely Love your post!!

New York Cliche said...

A good mixture of not ok and ok! I hate how often customer service issues make me cry- cell phones should not be that hard to service but they ALWAYS are- why?? Good luck with it!

Lorraine said...

1. Bright pink nails are always okay, my dear.

2. Florida, eh. I know some cool people who live there. ;)

3. I'm just like this with my Kindle. I always check out the daily deals no matter how many books I have waiting. Le'sigh.

B said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
B said...

You just give me one good reason why 25 isn't bad. Yay to you being a godmother. And customer service agents are the devil.

KG said...

Yes Mo, that's what a raise smells like...although right now it's in limbo so it kind of smells like a dog pooped on my freshly mowed lawn.

@ Monica, thanks!!

@ NYC, I think dealing with customer service is one of the most painful, frustrating things ever...especially if they keep doing the same thing that you've tried a million times and expect the outcome to be different.

@ Lor, I got used to the bring pink nails, but re-painted them red to match my outfit on Saturday. We should definitely try to link up when I'm in FL, and when I look at how many books I have on my Kindle, I get a little overwhelmed, but definitely look at the deals when I get the emails.

@B, 25 is ok! My godbaby doesn't speak English yet though. I might have to learn Spanish :( She's so cute though!

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