Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In which, like many, I am Irish for a day

...and kind of rude

So as you may know, I've really been trying to be more social lately. The weather has improved, and that makes it a lot easier, but essentially...I'm putting in effort!

On Friday, after work, I decided to go out to impromptu drinks with someone I haven't seen in over a year. We've only ever hung out once, but we chit chat on facebook and occasionally via text, and we both needed a drink that day.

Let me first tell you why I needed a drink.

Thursday was a BRUTAL day at work. I was told by my boss I should take Friday off to recuperate. I had every intention of doing this, sitting at home, watching tv...you know, sulking. However, I went to send this one lowly email out to my Fellows, which I do every Friday, and lo and behold there is an email from one of the people I work with, basically saying I majorly fucked something up the day before.

I'm not one to let things like that go, and I ignored the text from my boss saying she was taking care of the issue.

I got to the office at 1pm and went through a traumatizing meeting at 3pm where I cried a little bit. It was kind of hard to deal with because on one hand my boss was saying how much she valued me and how great I was, and on the other hand, the person I messed the thing up for was telling me that I basically sucked. I got defensive. I just don't like doing a bad job. However, we're on the right track with the open communication and I'm improving in terms of these mini oversights that build up to be way bigger issues.

Needless to say (even if I've already said it), I needed a damn drink.

We decided to meet at the stumble, but thanks to it being happy hour on a Friday during March Madness, it was PACKED. So we went to this little quiet bar next door and drank beer and chatted. Then we went to the Stumble when happy hour was over. It was a lot of fun, definitely just nice and casual, good conversation, some shimmying here and there. It was a good time.

One of my favorite parts of the night was what I did when I was pretty tipsy. I wanted to play beer pong, so I went to see what the wait was like. There was a list on the wall and someone told me that most of those teams had already played, so I took it upon myself to ERASE THE ENTIRE BOARD. With my hand. And put only my name on top. Then I walked away and never came back.

I'm so classy.

Saturday, I had plans to go out with this girl whom I adore and will name Little D, because she's so little! Love her though.

Anyway, it being St. Patty's day in New York, I was considering doing the whole "day drink until you vomit green" thing, but instead I hung out at home.

We finally met up at 10pm. I was being really good and only brought a small mixed drink on the train, and a small bottle of ginger ale. I am really working on this black out situation! Little D was late, as usual, but whatever. We went over to Brother Jimmy's for wings and a Fish Bowl.

The fish bowl wasn't very strong, but it was perfect in a way, because it allowed us to gradually get tipsy. Then we went to meet up with one of her guys and his friends, but not before doing Irish Car Bombs at the bar and belting out Journey and dancing.

I told you we were classy.

At the first bar, we got a lot of vodka and a little bit of cranberry juice, because the bartender liked Little D.

Here are some of my favorite moments from that bar:

1. One of the friends we had met up with was wasted, and was kind of smelling D's neck...in front of his friend, who she was with. So we knew he had to go. Every time I saw him with a drink I would take it out of his hand and move it to the other side of the bar. I had never met this man before, and the look on his drunken face when I rook the beers was priceless.

2. We walked into the back room and there was a BIG girl on the pool table. I abruptly stopped, turned around, and exited the back room saying "It's time to go when there are fat people on the pool tables." I proceeded to explain how I used to be fat, and I wouldn't be caught dead on a pool table, because you never know how sturdy those things are.

I pretty much kept the drinks flowing until we were ready to go. I chatted with a lot of random people and had a lot of fun.

We went to Mercury Bar after that where we were a mess, but in a good way. Not sloppy, just not sober. 

-I convinced a girl that my family was from the same place as hers in Ireland.
-We somehow got beads, somehow. (By asking someone). Some guy asked me for one of my beads, and I responded with "What are you going to show me for them?" He lifted his shirt and showed his abs and chest, and I said "Sorry, not good enough, I really like these beads." And walked away.
-Danced with a lot of service men
-Kept losing D. I would go to look for her, and she would have just walked in the opposite direction looking for me.

D wanted fries from McDonald's and when we were on line this guy skipped her, and she called him out on it. He was a rude "model" and we told him that. Then I proceeded to tell him "You really shouldn't be eating greasy McDonald's your skin is not that great to begin with, and this won't help." Then we walked away. As we were leaving, I dropped D's french fries on the floor. All of them. I proceeded to tell them I was "Going to play my white card and get more."...I got a whole replacement order for free. The woman at the counter didn't even ask, she already had the fries ready because she saw me drop them.

Then I stole an orange from a street fruit man. Well...I was about to, because he was nowhere in sight. I ended up buying it and a nectarine.

Basically, it was a great night and I didn't black out at all!...That's a bit of lie though.

When I got home, I was texting Steel Pans and he was coming over. I unlocked the door, got myself into my pajamas, and the next thing I remember was waking up with no pants.

He did indeed come over though. Ah the things I do when I drink.

Yesterday, I went to a Trivia Meetup. Walked about 2-3 miles to get there. Drank a lot of beer. Had some of the answers. Had good conversations with professionals. It was a really good time. Had a hard time sleeping though, and so I came into work late.

Tomorrow I have a dessert making class, which means I can't go to dollar beer night, but I'm sure it will be delicious.

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Monica said...

Ummm dessert making class!!! I want! Yay for not blacking out till you get home :)

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