Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sorry for partying? A return to having a social life.

No seriously. I had to apologize for accepting a free beer yesterday. In fact, my "date" left me because of it.

Let's rewind back to the beginning. On Sunday I started talking to this guy from OKC. It was awesome. Our texting was perfect. I had such a grade school kid crush. We made plans to meet up yesterday for drinks.

I worked until 7:30pm, even though my intention was to just watch tv on my work computer to kill time. Obviously, that was not one of the researchers I work with's plan.

I finally met up with the guy at 8pm by Grand Central. He was in this bar called Muldoons that had a shitty crowd, but they had Karaoke, which is totally his thing. As soon as he opened his mouth to speak, I was not impressed. His voice and mannerisms reminded me of 'Bino...who is gay. Something about him just didn't sit right at first, but I tried to make the best of the situation.

I bought myself my first drink, because he didn't really offer...which was interesting in and of itself. Maybe I just jumped the gun because I needed a drink. Blue moon with an Absolut Mandarin topper, please and thank you.

He sang. He was really into it. He sounded terrible, in my humble opinion. He thinks he sounds great. Bad sign number 2. Still trying to make this work because we had such great text chemistry (does that even exist?!). They were promoting Irish beers for St. Patty's day, so we had a flight of free beer (Harp, Smithwick's and Guinness). We turned the Guinness into a small Irish Car Bomb, which he did pay for. Redemption. Still at -1 though.

We went to this place called Turtle Bay afterwards and got another beer. Note, it was dollar beer night. We were hanging out downstairs when he decided that we should go upstairs. We went upstairs and shortly thereafter he went to use the restroom.

In that time, I was left standing there with my dollar beer, and a guy and his two friends were sitting at the bar with 20 beers in front of them. I had just finished my beer, and one of the guys, a big guy. 6'4" and hefty, offered me one of their millions of beers. Why would I decline? I was waiting for the other guy, I was out of beer, and it was a dollar. You can't expect anything in return for a dollar beer when you have 20 of them, right?

So I drank, we flirted a bit, and I kept checking for the guy I came with to come back. Then I get a text.

Apparently, the guy saw me "flirting" with big dude and decided it was time for him to go because I was ridiculous/rude for accepting the beer and blah blah blah. I sent a bunch of messages back, tried to call him, he didn't answer. He finally said he was outside. I went to go "talk" to him.

I told him I was looking for him, and he was being ridiculous. It became kind of an argument. I said something to the effect of "I'm not arguing about this. Not here. Not now." and I started to walk away. He said "I'm not going to chase after you." My response? "I wasn't asking you to."

And that was the end of that. I haven't spoken to him since. I went back in and continued to enjoy my evening. I was dancing and probably had at least 6 more beers because big dude decided to buy two more rounds of 20. I hadn't eaten, and for whatever reason I didn't eat the wings they offered me. I was really excited at the thought of going to the strip club which they had brought up. One of them, the one who kind of looked Asian, but turns out was hispanic (I'm thinking it wrong that I wanted to write "Flip". Whatever.) He wasn't going to come to the strip club, so I tried to convince him. I guess that kind of led to flirting.

I don't really know what happened, but big dude went to the bathroom and I was talking to Flip. He expressed his interest in me and when big dude came back we kind of were trying to sneak away. It was like a little game. I don't know how it all happened, but we snuck upstairs and were talking and then when we came back downstairs big dude was upset. Called me a bitch and a ho, because I "chose his friend" over him.

I really can't keep up with this whole story. Big dude was wasted. I was pretty done. Flip was laying it on thick, my ego grew to the size of the bar. It was so sweet. He kept talking about my boobs and ass though. I guess I looked hot. Cha ching!

We went downstairs and he bought me another beer. We were chatting and somehow I ended up going home with him. Back to Brooklyn. To Williamsburg. He bought me a sandwich that I didn't eat until this morning. We just made out a lot. Nothing more than that. It was late as shit. He spent HOURS trying to convince me to stay. He offered his bed, and he would sleep on the couch. He offered the keys to his apartment so I could lock up behind me if I left for work after him. Ridiculous.

I called a car service and we waited in the FREEZING COLD at 4:30am. I think he was upset-ish I didn't stay with him. When I got in the cab, he just kind of said a quick bye and took off. He was going to give me money for the cab, but he didn't. I wish he had. That shit cost me 28 bucks!

Also, the car service driver decided it would be a good time to hit on me. It was really funny actually. He was disappointed that the guy and I didn't hook up though, because "nobody won".

All in all, absurd night. I pissed off two guys. Went home with another. Managed to keep my pants on.

I went to work at 11am today. Big mess.

It's 70 degrees outside. Honey tonight. I might die. I hope my stomach gets its act together, because I need to it to steel up.

Beer might be the solution to my blacking out problem.

I'll add pictures later when my stupid phone connects to facebook.


Lorraine said...

It seems weird that that first dude would just leave. Low self esteem, much?

B said...

umm what an asshole for guy number one like grow a fucking pair and put on some big girl panties while you are at it. I like when you are social I've missed your stories from going out and all. You are riot!Hope you had fun at Honey!

Monica said...

LMAo this is so hard to follow and had I not gotten the play by play i would be like huh?! Score for no blackout though!

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