Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Being let go and not being able to let go.

I've never been fired from a job before. I've never been asked to leave, or been given notice. Let me knock on wood for a second....My coworker, whom I've grown fond of over the past year, is being let go. Her boss got promoted, and now, as a Dean, she's being provided a new assistant through the Dean's office. You know what I say to that? GODDAMMIT.

I hear they're hiring a temp in a few weeks to cover for her. That really blows, because now I'll be doing my job, and someone else's...again, and the time it takes to train a temp, if they aren't going to be staying, is time wasted. I'm just irritated, because my coworker's boss is really hard to work with and she's really patronizing, and not a lot of people can handle that. Also, there's a chemistry in the office that just works, and they're planning on hiring some "senior administrator", which probably means OLD. I don't want to work in the office with an old lady, honestly.

Sorry, that's mean and ageist, but we're trying to be really tech savvy in this office, and if I'm the only one who knows how to work the goddamn equipment, my workload quadruples.

Also, I just feel bad for my coworker, because she put an offer on a condo and in 3 weeks, she may not have a job. It's just a shitty situation all around.

Speaking of shitty situations. I spent almost 3 hours total on the phone with Expedia's custom service yesterday, to change my flights for my trip to Atlanta and Florida. To begin with, it sucked that I had to change the flights at all, but my job was being really anal about shit that I thought I had approval for, but apparently I did not. So I am now going to Atlanta on Tuesday, April 24th around noon, spending two nights at the Marriott - Wednesday and Thursday at the conference. Thursday night with H, and then Friday I will be flying to Florida to see the fam and flying out Monday, BRIGHT AND EARLY (another shitty situation) and trying to make it to work around noon. It's going to be a busy day.

Can anyone really explain to me the difference between an Economy car and a Compact car though? For three dollars more, I can rent a compact car. For three dollars more than that I can rent a midsize. I HATE 2 door cars, like really really, so I refuse to get one and want to know if that's what Economy means. I'm so bad with cars, but I'm pretty excited that now I'm 25, I don't have to pay an extra fee a day to rent a car. I also now have far too many credit cards than I should have, but I'm good about keeping on top of them, so I guess I'm building up credit.

The cards sure are taking a beating though. I decided yesterday, that instead of going to the gym like my surgeon said I should probably start doing again (and he's right, because I spent $75 on the gym this month and honestly, I don't plan on going this week...so bye bye $75), I decided to shop.

I got about $350 worth of clothing for $200. I have a problem making decisions, so I got a few things in multiple colors. In fact, I think I got three different things in two colors a piece. I don't even know if I really look good in that orange-y coral color that's so in season, but we shall see. What I do need to do though, is do some more ab stuff, because this belly! No bueno.

On Friday I went on a friend date. We ate at Bubba Gump's (because I really really wanted seafood) and saw Hunger Games (like everyone and their mom). I almost killed the guy though, because he was late. I had just spent a cool hour and a half in Bed Bath and Beyond, buying shit that was so beyond what I needed, that I was really upset when I was waiting 45 minutes with my big bag, in Times Square, outside of the movie theater.

Times Square is like the black hole of the Universe. Time, happiness and money all get sucked into it, never to return. I wanted to rip my hair out, but instead I sent an angry text and contemplated leaving his ass. He's a good guy though, and my work lunch buddy, so I held it together and we had a nice dinner/movie.

Saturday I was supposed to go out with Little D, but there was some confusion over the tickets to the party and yadda yadda, we didn't go. I was ok with this because Delta was supposed to come over (oh yeah, did I tell you, he's baaaaaaack). That, however, fell apart. I think I might've jumped down his throat a little early, but honestly, the whole situation was a bit to reminiscent of the rest of our "relationship" and I am NOT down to repeat that.

Let me backtrack. Delta messaged me LAST Sunday, the 18th because for whatever reason he remembered my number for the past year. He wanted to see me. I wasn't doing anything. I made no plans with him. Told him if he came by, he came by. The end.

He came by.

We sat on my porch for a while listening to music and "talking". I tried not to feel awkward. I looked like garbage and didn't care. He's just lucky I wasn't still wearing the sweats I had been wearing for almost 48 hours at that point. He showed his true Jamaican side (yep, I said it. He's a Yardi) He danced to my music, I chuckled, and continued to try not to feel awkward. We hugged for a while. It was uncomfortable. Not because it was with him, but because he's so tall and lanky and my head was in an awkward position and it just wasn't comfortable.

Anyway, this past Saturday he asked to spend the night. I'm an idiot so I agreed. I told him he should make me dinner.

He asked what I wanted (an hour later) and I responded (something delicious)...That was at 4:35pm. 

At 5:48pm I said "So if I eat dinner before you get back to me, you should probably forget tonight." 

At 6:46pm I get the response "Ok cool." To which I response "Ok cool what? I'm about go to eat."

"U said for get to night."

"You obviously can't read well. But year, just forget it all. Nothing's changed Delta, and I said I wouldn't do this again."

"U said befor u eat."

"I said IF. IF you didn't get back to me before I ate, THEN forget tonight. Jesus..."

"Relax u said for get it I'm still comin by" ----WHAT?! How does this make sense. "For get wat cookin" "Our comin by"

At which point I flipped out "Forget it all Delta"...blah blah blah I went on to say forget second and third chances and tell him not to try and contact me again. This was at 7:40pm.

At THREE FORTY SEVEN AM, he said he was on his way from Long Island when I said not to come, and he was coming all the way from far out in LI. I said it was too late. He said it wasn't. Told me he had gotten to Brooklyn at 8:15.

We are NOT going to work out. I'm already frustrated. Maybe I'm being a girl about this, but the reason I had to cut him out of my life the first time was due to his lack of respect for my time...and nothing has changed. We're still "talking" because I realized I MAY have overreacted a touch, but I can see where this is going and it's nowhere good.

8 days until Jamaica. I need it.

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