Monday, March 5, 2012

I really want to post..

But my boobs are itching so much it's ALL I can think about. Seriously, this is absurd.

Here's a recap of what's happened in the past few days.

  • I'm still talking to the new friend and actually will be going with him to the ENT in about an hour.
  • I shared a pitcher of cider at the Stumble on Friday with my coworker which left a really nice buzz and was a good time.
  • Friday we celebrated the Mexican's birthday. Dinner was $78 each, and that was the cheapest out of what everyone paid.
  • I didn't drink at the second bar we went to, but I did see my fellow...which was awkward.
  • Didn't do anything until Sunday night - even though I sort of had plans.
  • Started talking to a new guy yesterday that I'm really feeling. He's my DB4L (Drinking Buddy 4 Life)
  • Steel Pans came over last night, and stayed. I forgot that he snores. It made sleeping VERY difficult. We did cuddle a little bit though, so that was nice.
  • I have plans for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday...and I'm tired just thinking about it.

That is all.


the Tsaritsa said...

I hate it when my boobs itch inexplicably... $78 for dinner is pretty crazy, did that include drinks?

KG said...

My boobs are itching because my stitches are healing, but it's absurd!

And yeah, it was a prix fixe dinner for $35, we split for the birthday boy (which was like less than 5 extra bucks) it included tax, tip and drink though. The meal took THREE HOURS. 2.5 for the entrees to come. NEVER AGAIN!

the Tsaritsa said...

Ah, hope your stitches heal nicely. I just have itchy boobs because I'm a weirdo-- or maybe it means they're growing?

Three hours is a bit much for dinner. Maybe not for a dinner party at someone's house, but that's pretty different.

B said...

Itchy boobs are the worse! Are you almost back to normal yet?

Lorraine said...

I was going to say the itchy boobs/growing thing but I'd forgotten about the stitches. Hope the itching subsides soon.



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