Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wednesday Woes - new linkup?

I'm considering starting a new link up "Wednesday Woes". I mean, who doesn't enjoy complaining on a Wednesday? Wednesday is that day of the work week we're all just trying to get through. You're a day closer to the upcoming weekend, but last weekend is already two days behind you and you still have two more week days ahead. What do you think?

Today's woes:

1. The Department of Sanitation basically threw garbage all over everyone trying to take the bus to work this morning. 
I mean seriously. For whatever reason, during rush hour, the garbage truck on 68th street decided it would be a FABULOUS idea to "stand" diagonally to load the garbage onto the truck. This messed everything up because cars and BUSES need to get down this block. More than half of the people on the bus got off because we were all going to be late to work. Which brings be to woes #2

2. Waking up early. 
Look, I think waking up early-ish actually puts me in a better mood...when I can go to bed before midnight. Waking up before 7am should be outlawed. I've had to be at work early the past two days, and although my train ride is a touch better because there are less people crowded and I usually get a seat sooner, I still would rather have that extra 30-45 minutes of sleep. There are very few people in this world that are not a mess in the morning, why start that earlier?

3. No one uses my toothbrush but me, but it's always wet.
So apparently, my dad has not been randomly using my toothbrush, although sometimes I really don't think he looks at which one he's picking up because it's before 7 am (see #2). However, all of our toothbrushes are in the toothbrush cup thing together. I swear he must use excessive water when brushing/washing the brush, because my toothbrush is OFTEN wet before I get to it. This makes me uncomfortable, and I've thrown away my fair share of toothbrushes because of it.

4. This weather.
I don't understand how it can be near 80 degrees on a Thursday, and then 18 degrees (factoring in windchill) on Monday. I just can't keep up with where my wardrobe should be right now. I was so ready for straight up sandal season, but now I'm back to winter boots. Mother nature, you're being very cruel.

In a more "What I'm loving Wednesday" vein, my friend finally had her baby!! I'm hoping I can get to my house quickly enough this afternoon to go see her at the hospital.


Monica said...

LOL I don't have any complaints today...yet but i am sure there will be some soon

KG said...

I complain about everything, every day. You know this. Negative Nancy over hurr...

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