Friday, January 6, 2012

Sometimes I think that Pandora feels guilty and repentant.

Every time I thumbs down a song, Pandora compensates by playing about 15 in a row that I've thumbs-ed up. I would pat Pandora on its little head and tell it that I'm not mad just stop playing shit you know I don't like, if it had a head. I like hearing new songs though, so just playing the ones with the thumbs up limits my music sometimes. I guess I just can't win.

That being said, I've been "winning" lately. My diet is going...well it's been ok. Last night was my division's holiday party so there was a bunch of free booze consumed and some buffet action, but I didn't eat beyond what I needed to make me full. Although the Mexican and I pretty much stalked the walking appetizers. One of the labs in the division totally camped out by the kitchen door to clear out the appetizer plates before they could make it out to the floor, but we were crafty and maneuvered out way in.

The best part about last night, however, was that everyone danced the night away. Some people got schwasted, and some people made fools of themselves, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

God I love my job environment sometimes.

When we were leaving the Mexican and I stopped at Mickey D's so he could get some nuggets. We got into some kind of fake screaming argument. It was pretty hilarious. We were both pretty drunk from downing a shit ton of vodka RIGHT before we left.

I sobered up enough to read on the train on the way home, and almost cried because Sarah's Key has been pushing me NEAR tears most times I read it. When I got home, I felt motivated. I worked out. That's right. I drunkenly did jumping jacks and other random crap from Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, all while attempting not to completely dehydrate or fall over.

I succeeded, but I guzzled an exorbitant amount of water and had to hold onto numerous pieces of furniture in my room whilst trying to stretch out my quads. Great success, and this guy who may be my future personal trainer was impressed by my dedication. (Little does he know, that was only day 3 of dedication, and the weekend is the real test).

Speaking of this guy. Let's give him a nickname. First, a backstory.

So when I was growing up, I spent a lot of time with my neighbor. Her nickname would be easy to give, if I ever talked about her anymore. It would be "the User", because that's what she was good at. I could probably also call her "Succubus" but she was able to sap the resources out of ANYTHING/ANYONE so that may not be as appropriate, because it was never sexual with her and I. It was, however, sexual with many a male "suitor". I guess she gave a great blowy and was otherwise phenomenal in the sack, so they say. Additionally, she was hilarious as shit, which is why I stuck around. Oh, and she was the social butterfly queen (for a while).

She at one point dated this guy that we can call ATL. ATL was best friends with the guy who this whole back story is about. After the User and ATL "broke up", and I got tired of being used, ATL and I would hang out. B and the other guy would come over and we would play drinking games and blah blah blah. This guy was kind of a lightweight, but when we would get tipsy we got sosososo flirty. And this was when I was super duper fat, so obviously there was chemistry beyond appearance.

I went away to college, ATL moved to...well ATL and I lost touch with the guy. I stayed in sporadic touch with ATL, so when he and I became friends on facebook, I asked about the guy. I friend-ed him and months later he actually responded to my inquiry into his well being.

A few weeks ago, he hit me up. We sent a few holiday messages, and decided it would be cool to meet up. So we are. We're meeting up tomorrow for dinner or drinks, or whatever the hell we're doing. I don't know. He's a personal trainer now. His body has always been ridiculous and he has great teeth and dimples. I haven't seen him in over 8 years though. He hasn't seen me since I lost the weight, only the pictures. It should be an interesting experience folks.

Maybe I'll name him after the weekend.


Monica said...

Im so proud of you! Im terribly jealous i cant workout! I cant wait to see where new boy goes :)

B said...

You are hilarious, I had a drunken night on Friday and the best I could do was lay in bed the next day all day. Good luck with the New Boy!

B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Faith said...

I do the 30 day shred DVD. It kicks me ass hard :) I can't imagine doing it drunk! LOL

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