Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The return of the desperate

Do you ever wish that some people never came back into your life? Do you ever feel bad about wishing that?

That is the state that I'm in right now. I've decided to name the guy from my last "entry" EPT. Error Proof Testing, or his initial and Personal Trainer. Either way, EPT it is.

I really don't post blogs enough, because I probably should've told this story 2-3 days ago, but I guess the story didn't change and I feel some kind of way about it now.

So here's the thing with EPT, we still have chemistry. We have an absurd amount, and it feels comfortable with him. On Saturday, we were supposed to have dinner or something in the city. He got out of work late and asked if we could just hang out at his house with his family later in the evening and have a few drinks. I was fine with that, minus the fact that he asked me this after I had already gotten ready and I was feeling really good because I smelled delicious from my shower and I didn't want to lay in my bed and revert to bedhead. I managed to keep it together for 4 hours.

He doesn't live far from me, so I figured I'd drive, especially because the MTA was being a royal pain in the ass again (and will continue to be so for the rest of the month!).

I figured that any drinking that would be done could be undone with enough water before I got behind the wheel of my car. I don't drink and drive, y'all.

When 8pm rolled around I texted to ask if I should bring anything. Chips, salsa and OJ were my list. I start driving towards his house, driving down the avenue by my house to my neighborhood bodega to get all of my items. Someone takes the only parking spot on the block so rather than block traffic or a bus stop, I decide to go to another bodega around the corner. Driving, driving...there's nowhere to park. I pull to the side, put on my hazards and make a mad dash for the store in hopes that no one comes down the block and can't get around my car. I get into the bodega where as some of my neighborhood residents would call the "habibis" are cursing young hoodlums under their breath over gum. I don't know what exactly was the issue, I was in a hurry. I see the OJ, check! I ask if they have salsa. NOPE. After basically climbing over items all over the floor, I put the OJ back because I don't want to make multiple purchases.

I run out of the store, defeated, running late, and with a car stopped behind mine. I still don't know if it was stopped at the red light or because it couldn't get by, but I quickly got in my car and drove back around the corner to my friendly neighborhood bodega. I put my hazards on while I was in the bus stop. Risque.

I got the OJ and some spinach dip (because that was an alternative to salsa which guess what, they didn't have either). AHA! Health food store is right next door! I made my dip and OJ purchase (I actually brought chips from home) and made another mad dash for the health food store. They only have the classy organic salsas, so I got medium chipotle and made my way to the check out after being misdirected by a worker. Slowest check out lady ever.

I made it back to my car with no ticket (honestly, so many people "stand" in that bus stop and so much other shizz is going down at all times, there really aren't tickets given for that. I did see a metermaid in the healthfood store though, and I was determined to beat her out of the store. Check and mate.)

So I drove to EPT's house. I think I was semi retarded because there was this big spot right in front of his house but I just couldn't right hand parallel park at the moment (maybe I was nervous). I parked on the left hand side between two cars and right behind a speed bump as opposed to between a car and a driveway. Don't ask me why I was so retarded, it just happened.

EPT answered the door, and took the goodies bag. We hugged, but I was a step down from his doorstep, so it was awkward and I tried to step up whilst hugging him and I tripped and as I tried to catch myself, I tripped again. I actually said "well that was awkward" and then we had a proper hug inside. I missed his hugs. A lot. Too much.

We watched the football game and drank vodka and I met his brother and his sister. His sister and I got along really well and he went to go smoke and we chatted and I invited her out this Friday because she's 21. We were having a good ol' time. I met his mom too.

He was being really, really nice. He was kissing my forehead and touching my leg and just saying nice stuff about me. We called ATL and left him a message. Everything was copacetic .

At about 11:30, as I was pouring my 3rd cup of screwdriver, EPT mentioned that at midnight he would be going to bed because they had to be up early to go to Woodbury Commons. What he was essentially saying was that it was time for me to go at 12. I made mention that I could hang out with his sister (since I had been doing a lot of that already), and he basically said I was his guest and he wouldn't feel right leaving me with her, and as her responsibility. So I asked for a cup of water, switched what I was drinking and got a little bitter. I took two sips and said "Fine, then walk me to the door."

He tried to ask me if I understood. I told him I did. I don't even remember hugging goodbye. I was not in good spirits.

I sat in my car, decided that I wasn't tipsy, drunk, whatever, I was just irritated and I took off. 10 minutes later I was home safely. I at a piece of leftover KFC chicken and half a biscuit. I got to my room. Laid down. Had the spins. Threw up my midnight snack.

I'm glad I got home when I did, because if I had waited for the alcohol to hit me, I would've been sobering up in my car for a while.

He called the next day to apologize for things ending so sour and promised he would see me this week.

He's the worst at responding to texts.

The reason I opened this post with musings of wishing someone didn't come back into your life and then talking about EPT, is because, sometimes I wish he didn't. It took almost 2 years for him to respond to my handful of facebook messages. He doesn't respond well to texts, and I don't like phone calls very much. Basically, he's going to break my heart because I like him. I think about him, and I hate it. I feel pathetic and desperate and hopeless.

Basically, I'm torn between being happy to have him back in my life and being upset because he's not actually back in my life.

Fuck men.

On a side note, I was thinking in the shower last night about a few things, but mainly what I would do if I got into a relationship. What I mean by that, is what I would I do with Steel Pans. We've been BCing for over 2 years now, could I give that up? God, I hope so. I like him as a person though. He makes me laugh.

Also, I should probably post about my parents at some point. They're driving each other crazy (sometimes) and I don't know how to fix it, or if I can.


B said...

hmm yeah he sounds like a little bit of an asshole. I'm in the fuck men phase too, I'm not honest enough to post all of my relationship drama on my blog!

KG said...

The funny part is, he's so far from being an asshole that it's ridiculous. I was just irritated because I'm the asshole :(

You should text me and tell me all about it! I need something else to think/talk about.

B said...

I forgot I have your number in my email, I go look for it. I should be coming to New York this Spring so we have that meetup soon. In that situation he seemed kind of rude. But who knows maybe it will will work out!

B said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Monica said...

EGhhhh men. Shitty part is he probably isn't trying to be an asshole he just isnt for you.

KG said...

I wish my "heart" was saying the same thing. I know he's not trying to be an asshole, that's the shittiest part!

Mo, I'm a mess!

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