Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm participating: It's OK Thursdays

So every week I read Mo's "It's OK" Thursday, and I've decided to participate. It's one of my new Chinese New Year's resolutions, participation.

Here goes:

It's OK...
  • To be watching Downton Abbey and Project Runway at work
  • To have a major emotional/mental break down last week that throw you off my "getting healthy" game
  • To wish it were next Thursday, even if that means skipping over a birthday
  • To not have plans to celebrate your 25th birthday
  • To triple book yourself for a day where you will probably end up doing very little
  • To get excited over silly little presents (i.e. Stress balls from the Real Estate Office)
  • To constantly have to remind myself not to message certain people
  • To lose bets, even if it really sucks
  • To not have chemistry on dates, if you think you can be friends after
  • To be annoyed that you have to drive this weekend, even if it's to see awesome people
  • To not understand foreign accents on the phone. "WHAT?" "I don't understand" is acceptable for certain calls.
  • To go to "thumbs up" a song, and realize you're listening to your mp3 player not Pandora
  • To convince yourself you're completely immune to pesticides and not wash produce before you eat it
  • To wish you could see your best friends more often
  • To get agitated when people tell you about unnecessary things that will obviously "upset you"
  • To be playing phone tag, and be OK with delaying confrontation
  • To be sad that you can't go somewhere, even if you know it would be awkward if you did
  • To be procrastinating restaurant week. It happens twice a year. Relax.
  • That most of these things I'm not actually OK with, but I'm working on it
  • To want to keep going with things that are "OK" but have to stop because you're at work
What's Ok with you today?! 
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Ginny said...

It's always ok to be watching Downton.

I am also not being my healthiest this week *sips soda*

Monica said...

Yay!!! Im excited that you joined in!!
I want to see you too! lets just meet in the middle...what counts as the middle? Hawaii???

The Tsaritsa a.k.a. Alexandra Naughton said...

I have a hard time with accents over the phone, and I'll bet my accent is hard to decipher sometimes too.

KG said...

I am currently watching Downton Abbey at work, and so happy about it.

Monica, good try. I'd do Hawaii, but I'd need to take off at least a week and I don't know when I'll wrack up enough vacation for that. I'd do Mexico, Puerto Rico or the DR (since you're not interested in any of the other kinds of Caribbean islands) before then, because they're closer.

I bet your accent isn't as hard to understand as the Jamaican accent on the phone. You'd think I was used to it by now :(

Alyssa said...

I haaaate washing produce!! I always do it but I just run it under the water really fast. I probably shouldn't even bother haha!

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