Tuesday, January 24, 2012

7 Deadly Sins - Link up

Another of my Chinese New Year's Resolutions is to do more linking up and commenting. So I thought this one would be snazzy to do.  So, Shane of Whispering Sweet Nothings is hosting a Seven Deadly Sins link-up.

seven great things in your life.
1.I have great parents
2.A cheap place to live, even if it's in my parent's house
3. That I don't have to want for anything,
4. My job and coworkers being pleasant
5. That I have the means to vacation (semi-regularly)
6. My ability to spell
7. General good health

seven things you lack and covet
1. More friends
2. More vacation time
3. Love in a healthy relationship
4. To be invited to more events and actually attend
5. Being interested in someone who's interested in me
6. A good hobby
7. An organized house

seven things that make you angry
1. Weekend construction on the MTA
2 Unsolicited advice
3. Having to listen to other peoples' too loud music in public places over my own
4.Screaming children on airplanes
5.Bad odors
6. My mother starting fights with me in the morning (we've lived together for over 20 years, you know I do not respond well to bullshit in the AM, especially in the kitchen over something stupid)
7. Living so far from people I want to spend more time with
seven things that you neglect to do.
2. Double check before I send out schedules
3. Exercise regularly
4. Take out the garbage (I'll just wait for my dad/cleaning person to do it...)
5. Throw away bags (I need to stop collecting them - I'm talking plastic/paper ones here)
6.Organizing my kitchen and third floor rec room
7. Bring things down to the basement instead of leaving them at the top of the stairs.

seven worldly material desires.
1. Crockpot or pressure cooker that I might never use
2. To go to multiple restaurant week dinners
3. New boobs, less arms (Pending 2/15)
4. Property in Jamaica so that I don't have to pay to stay there anymore
5. Unlimited travel time/money
6.  A larger group of friends
7. Less cellulite
seven guilty pleasures.
1. Online Shopping
2.Too much television (I love my DVR)
4. Dark Chocolate
5.Spending all weekend in the house/bed
6.Buying in excess (everything!)
7. Procrastinating at work
seven things you love about love
1. Hugs
2. Having someone to experience things with
3. Reliability
   4. Laughter
5. Meaningful sex
6. Presents/Surprises (giving and receiving)
7.Getting to know someone


Monica said...

OOoh I like this one!! You do have an online shopping addiction, I recommend you seek help for this(hehe unsolicited advice)

Remy Hadley said...

Online Shopping is the bomb. No shirt? No problem. No shoes? no problem. I'LL STILL GET SERVICE!

KG said...

Shh Monica. I'm dealing with my problem...slowly.

And Remy, it's the BEST! Amazon one-click might be the death of me though. I just can't resist how easy it is!

B said...

lol I've stayed away from online shopping, after order a shit ton of stuff and shippig them to my house from boredom.

This looks like fun I might do it.

Lorraine said...

Oh, this is a good meme. There were too many to repeat that I went, "mmhmm!" and "oh yes!" to. Mostly the one about dark chocolate though...


The Tsaritsa a.k.a. Alexandra Naughton said...

I love the image you used for this post :)

I keep bags, too. Plastic, paper, I hoard them. I use them for cat litter, but everytime I throw one out I feel a little bit sad. It's a problem :/

KG said...

Shane is the one who provided the image! I love it too.

I have a really hard time parting with boxes and big bags, maybe not regular shopping bags, but any kind of "special" bag, that I may need to some day carry something in.

I even have a plastic bag drawer at work.

I'm so embarrassed.

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