Thursday, January 19, 2012

5 stages of grief

Injuries I've sustained in the last 12 hours:
  • Burnt the tip of my tongue on burning sugar/plastic
  • Scratched up all of the fingers on my right hand to the point of bleeding thanks to the zipper on my bag
  • Scratched my upper lip almost cutting it open, I guess my thumbnail is too long
  • Burnt the shit out of my lower lip/tongue on too hot oatmeal

Did I tell you that I cut my finger and palm open on the top of a can of creamed corn last week? Well I think my finger may be infected.

I might have the flu, or just a cold and taking the medication for it caused me to forget to take my vitamins.

I'm just about ready to give up. I think I've moved onto the anger stage of grieving (I've been IRATE, all morning). Not sure what I'm grieving though, maybe the loss of my happiness? Who knows.


B said...

The only thing could suggest is a glass or perhaps a bottle of wine and maybe breaking some shit.

KG said...

I'm actually feeling a bit better.

I would really like to break shit though. I think my friend is going to the shooting range for her bday (today) and I'm considering going with her so I can shoot some shit.

Monica said...

Do it, go to the shooting range!! Shoot some shit till you feel a bubble of happy :)

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