Thursday, August 18, 2011

True Life: I'm a completely random blogger

Ok, so since I've been feeling a bit of a lack of inspiration lately, I thought having a little bit of structure and suggestion might help me to blog a bit.

I was reading some of the blogs I follow and I came across this linkup. Seeing as how I'm always looking for new blogs to read, I've decided to participate.

I guess you can write anything you really want for this thing, so I'll just follow the trend of what you will and will not find here.

First off, I'm a mid 20s gal who was born, raised, and boomeranged back to New York City. I don't appreciate anything that this city has to offer and am often more irritated by what's going on than intrigued. That being said, I do go out and try to enjoy myself and allow others to expand my exploratory horizons. I love vacations and sarcasm. I like wit and wisecracks. I like to think I'm pretty funny, but chances are there will be days when I let you down. I'm an only child who knows how to be alone, but prefers to be around people. I drink too much, I eat too much and I try to laugh too much always (because there is never too much laughter). I write what I think, I read what I can only fantasize about, and I'm pretty darn loyal. So...if you feel like following, that's awesome. If not, I might just follow you anyway or at least comment on your blog.

Will find:
1. Snarky commentary, often in parenthetical format because I always have to put my two cents into every story I tell

2. Random stories from my life that often include, but are not limited to, drinking experiences. Oh, and I'm pretty long-winded, whether that is my intention or not.

3. Ranting. It's pretty hard to live in New York City and not come across things every single day that bother the ever loving shit out of you, so sometimes I let that bottled up "emotion" explode all over this blog.

4. Honesty. I'm upfront about everything. I prefer not to really get into the heavier topics, but sometimes they seep in. This blog is a place for me to release, and I don't like to lie to myself (although sometimes, I probably do unconscious/unwittingly)

What you will not find:
1. Fashion. I am not into fashion. I like to look good, and I like to shop. I even watch project runway and America's Next Top Model (Although I RARELY talk about all the TV I watch). However, I do not have a personal style that I like to put out there, or express my opinions on. The only way you'll see any fashion commentary is if I see some awful atrocity around me and happen to take a picture of it.

2. Mommy stuff. I'm not a mom, and won't be for a while. I like kids, especially from a distance right now. While I've been a nanny and a camp counselor before, I'm 24 and have no marriage prospects, thus my child bearing potential is at a current low.Unless this "mommy stuff" is about my own mommy, then you won't see it here.

3. Consistency. I blog at work, and don't often have time or motivation. Sorry. I also don't blog on the weekends. I try to update at least a few times a week though, although August has been a bad month for me.

4. Current affairs op-ed. I don't generally keep up with current events. It's unfortunate, but I'm not incredible culturally aware. Perhaps I will become so, so maybe you should stick around for that.

I look forward to linking up with you!


the Tsaritsa said...

Parentheses were designed for snarky comments! :)

KG said...

And I abuse them :)

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