Saturday, August 27, 2011

Day 5: Foods

1. Vietnamese Summer Rolls:
Seeing as how I like to wrap anything and everything in rice paper, this is an obvious choice for number one. There's something just so amazing about the clean flavors of a summer roll. I like to put shrimp, cucumbers, scallions and some kind of fruit in mine (oh and I put the peanut sauce on the inside).

    2. Sashimi Salad:
    There's hardly anything better in the summer than sashimi salad. Fresh raw fish and other raw vegetables. So crisp, and refreshing.

    3. Steak:
    Honestly, who other than vegetarians/vegans/pescetarians...etc doesn't crave a delicious steak from time to time? On the rare side of medium rare for me please.

    4. Watermelon Salad:
    My summer obsession. I like mine with watermelon, feta and watercress, walnuts with a touch of champagne vinaigrette (not even necessary). AMAZING.

      5.  Tiramisu:
      I've had great Tiramisu and I've had awful Tiramisu, no matter what a good piece will always remind me of college and going to eat dinner at Michael's with Jared. They made brilliant Tiramisu there.


        whit said...

        yumm :) i've never heard of watermelon salad, but i'm definitely going to try it! feta!? YUM.

        KG said...

        Whit, it is simply divine. I've had it probably every day for the past two weeks. In fact, I JUST had a bowl!

        the Tsaritsa said...

        Nothing better than a nice juicy steak! Mmmm, I'm hungry, better make dinner... :)

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