Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene ain't got nothin' on me

Because she pretty much did nothing, except blow a little and piss all over the place. Dirty Irene I tell ya.

So here's a quick update on my life.

Nothing major is going on other than juggling boys left and right. I've realized this blog might not be the best for my "sexual exploits" so perhaps I will post anonymously somewhere else.

That being said. I survived hurricane Irene. After preparing for major disaster, she ended up being more bark than bite...at least for me.Unfortunately, due to mandatory evacuation, my senile great aunt had to come stay with us. We all wanted to kill her at some point. We all also escaped to the kitchen at various interludes, just to get a little refuge from her senility.

JBike and Vybz Jr. did not come over as planned and I spent Sunday in and out of sleep.There wasn't that much damage. It was quite windy, but not too bad. Part of our tree did fall on our neighbor's house however. Sorry neighbors!

Friday I went on a boat ride with Feather. They took both of my bottles of vodka before we got on, even if I did a decent job of hiding them in my bag. The security woman was out to get me. It made me sad. I would've had more fun, drunk. I was drunk in the park earlier in the night though. Bummer the buzz didn't ride :(

Feather and Heels

Yesterday the Mexican and I went drinking at this lovely establishment called Shoolbred's where this brilliant bartender works and it was just a great time. I was pretty sloshed. Two of my friends from the Possibility Project stopped by. It was just a good time all around.

Pretty content right now. Just gonna ride it out.

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