Friday, June 10, 2011

Back from Bermuda (procrastinating on a post)

Because I have not yet uploaded my Bermuda pictures to enhance my post-vacation recap, I will instead be posting an acceptance of a blogger award from the lovely BonjourMissMary! My first blogging award, YAY!

So if I accept this award (who isn't going to accept an award!) I have to tell 7 facts about myself. I'm not quite wonderful at thinking of these kinds of things, so it's going to be incredibly random and most of the facts will probably be prompted by the knick knacks scattered around my desk.

1. I love the smell of coffee but never consume it because without fail, I will end up sick.

2. Most of my best friends live hundreds of miles away, as do most of the people that I miss on a daily basis.

3. Even though I have been off of the cruise ship for over 24 hours now, I still feel like I'm on the ocean in choppy water. I can't seem to get rid of the rocking sensation - it's making my day at work slightly less pleasant.

4. I have an obsession with Absolut vodka. It is my drink of preference and my goal is to try each flavor at least once (even the limited edition ones, i.e. the bottle of Absolut Watkins I bought at Duty Free on Sunday)

5. When I make too many plans, or have too many options as to what to do - I usually end up doing nothing. (this will probably happen on Saturday, and you can add having a cold to the list of reasons why I might just hibernate this weekend)

6. I give too many chances. Seriously, I'm the queen of giving people second chances. If we remember back to my Delta story, you will know what I'm talking about. Guess what, Delta has been messaging me since yesterday about how he wants to be with me. Yet he still takes NO responsibility for how shitty he treated me. He even said I never gave him a second chance, hi-fucking-larious. Goddamn he gets under my skin too easily.

7. I physically CANNOT tan. Trust me, I've tried. I've even tried burning and hoping it will fade into a tan. Tanning lotion, etc. It's really unfortunate because I could've just come from a tropical island (which I did) and spent the whole time in the sun (mostly) and you would think I went to a dark cave and sat there until all of the color seeped out of my skin.

And now to pass on the award to 7 other bloggers!

1. Mo Money
2. Elle
3. Tsarita
4. B
5. Mrs. Pickle
6. Toni Rose
7. Kim Humes


theTsaritsa said...

I don't tan either, I just burn. No fun. Thank you so much for this award, dear! :)

Toni Rose said...

Yahoooo thanks! My first award! Lol

Anyway me on the other hand I TAN TO QUICKLY, and stays that way too long :/ at some point my tan is pretty but at first I really don't like it especially when I see my photographs and I'm like wahhhh I'm so darkkkk.

My tan once lasted from 2009 to 2010. And by 2010 It was summer again. Beach again and like. Probably because I live in a tropical country... .

Anyway......... Thanks again for the award!!!

I will inform you once I've posted back already 7 facts about myself needs deep thinking :))

Thankkks girl

Elle said...

You are fabulous beyond belief! I adore everything about you! oxoxoxox THanks so much!

Toni Rose said...

i would think i though i'd be procrastinating on this award for a few days but i dont know I already finished it already :/

shows that I really dont have anything else to do ...

B said...

Thanks so much its my first blog award too!

I figured you were on vacation thats why you didn't post, can't wait to see your pictures!

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

One fact about myself is that I am now terrified of cups of coffee.

Toni Rose said...

hey karen... so where's the new update ? :))

Kim Humes said...

Thanks for the award dude! I actually got this award from someone else last week haha. It's making the rounds I guess. I added a note to that post you can see here:

Not who I will be said...

I adore you all, by the way!

@Elliot, where's the fear from?

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