Friday, June 3, 2011

Delicious food and not so delicious kissing.

The Mexican and I got manicures yesterday and then took the train back to my house where we a had a little snack of these delicious bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos that I made and we always have a stock of. Then I begrudgingly took him to pick up his AC from his old apartment in Brooklyn and helped him schlep it all the way out to Astoria Queens. The ride wasn't as bad as it could've been and I was able to find a parking space relatively quickly.

We went to dinner at this AMAZING places called the Athens Cafe, which is about 3 blocks from where he lives. Seriously, the food was incredible. I wish I were the kind of person who takes pictures of their meals, but you'll just have to imagine the awesome roasted beet, goat cheese, candied walnut and arugula salad I had followed by heirloom tomato risotto topped with applewood smoked bacon wrapped sea scallops cooked to PERFECTION so much so that they literally melted in my mouth. I might've had an orgasm at the dinner table - or at least a mouthgasm. I will be eating the leftovers for lunch today (already had the leftover salad for breakfast because their portions were incredibly generous)

The Mexican and I also had some great conversation, as per usual, and he's definitely one of my favorite people ever. Just makes everything a notch more fun and he has a very magnetic personality. He's turning out to be a great friend!

After I left Astoria I figured I'd go see Adler in Jamaica because my GPS told me that it was only 20 minutes away and although it was already almost 10:30, I figured it would be nice to see him because he's been telling me I go every where in the world but to see him. I obviously wanted to shove it in his face that I DO make an effort and I went over. Honestly, I expected a hook up and I think I was ok with that, because I had forgotten all of the things he does to turn me off.

-He's a really sweet guy, and we cuddle pretty well, but he's an AWFUL kisser. Seriously the way he kisses me is just - UGH. First off, he doesn't give me enough room to come the AT LEAST 10% that I should have to in order to kiss him. It's like he's trying to kiss my cerebellum through the front of my face. Also, I don't think he's ever kissed me with tongue, it's always just these weird pressing his lips hard against mine, or softly and not in a good way, against mine. He also likes kissing all over the side of my face and there's just something about the way he does it that I truly don't enjoy.

-He also always whispers. I think he's trying to be sexy, but I just want to laugh and yell "WHAT?!" over and over again. I ignore half of what he says now because I either can't hear it, or can't be bothered.

-He's not good with his hands. I mean...I really have to concentrate to enjoy what he's doing and eventually it ends with a phrase like "Ok, you're just hurting me now." or "OW!"

-He begs me to stay longer (when I have clearly given him a reason why I cannot). Last time I was there I stayed the night and through most of the next day. Last night he tried to get me to stay past my 1am cut off - but as he knew I had things to do. I even set myself an alarm so I didn't get sucked into sleep. Sadly, this begging was not endearing, it was more irritating.

I don't know if I can handle seeing him again. I think I'll probably let it fade off, because it's been a long time since I've been so unattracted to someone's sexual style.

Why is it always the good guys who I can't seem to like?  How do you tell someone they're a bad kisser or that you're turned off by what they do?


Alyssa said...

Those bacon jalapenos sound absolutely wonderful. I'm sorry that kissing not so good. I know you questioned if it was just because he was a good guy...sometimes the bad ones can be pretty awful in that area as well.

Mrs. Pickle said...

I love how you say, “The Mexican and I.” That is so damn funny!

Whenever I would kiss a guy and he was bad, I would always let him know it. I never wasted my time with that kind of shit. A lot of guys did not know how to handle me being so blunt and bursting their ego.

Go read my blog post that I posted in May called “What the cum?” It talks about some loser that I kissed, and how awful it was.

Not who I will be said...

@Alyssa, they're SO easy to make. I soak the jalapenos in hot water briefly first so that they aren't as spicy, but then all you do is cut them in half, clean out the seeds, fill 'em with cream cheese, wrap 'em in bacon and bake at 400 degrees for about 20 mins. AMAZING. Once they're cooked you can freeze them and then pop 'em in the oven whenever you want!

I've come across some bad kissers, but his kissing style literally disgusts me :(

@Mrs. Pickle, I would normally have NO problem telling people how I feel, but he's REALLY nice. I just know it's not going anywhere, so I should probably nip it in the bud. Bummer though. I'm going to read your blog entry right now!

B said...

That food sounds so yummy. I don't know why the nice guys sometimes are so dull or unsexy! Oh well move on to the next!

BonjourMissMary said...

I have a bloggie award waiting for you!

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