Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"What's up with that?" Wednesday

I can't imagine that this will be a long entry (but I've been wrong before). One of my coworkers is out sick today and I've been playing tour guide to a guest speaker having to walk him all around the hospital because the person who should be doing this is sick again. What's up with that? As soon as you realize you're not going to be here and there's something you were supposed to take care of, don't you think that you should give the people who have to cover you a bit more of a heads up? Maybe send us the guest's itinerary or something so we know what the hell is going on and don't look like fools. (I find myself increasingly concerned with how stupid I look to other professionals. I really hate when someone else makes me look stupid, I can do that all on my own, thank you very much.)

I wasn't planning on coming in to work today because the TV repairman was supposed to come. I hope that he calls me before I have to get on the train to go to my chiropractor so I can tell my mom to head home to meet him. I hate when they give you time frames like "We'll be there between 2 and 6pm on Wednesday, unless it rains, or we decide to take a long lunch and go out to Jones Beach because the weather is wonderful, or if we just decide that today isn't convenient for us and even though you rescheduled your entire day and took off work or giant parakeets start falling from the sky..." you get the point. Seriously, what's up with that? I don't understand these home call people. Don't they realize that they're not the only ones who work and since you only work during the week why do you expect us to be free? I just want my big tv back. SAD face.

In brighter news, Lah gave me my 10 dollars back without me having to prompt. I mean sure it's 2 weeks late, but I wasn't really stressing it. It was nice that he remembered though and held up his side of the "borrowing" agreement. Also, Jason's mom called me on Friday to tell me the second installment of the $1000 he owed me was put in the mail and should be arriving to me today! After a year, my transaction with Jason is finally complete and I can relax and never lend anyone money again!

In slightly less bright news, in fact I would probably call this news somewhere between not-so bright and dim. Maybe like a halogen lamp starting up, you know it could potentially get brighter (if it doesn't blow out like the one in my bedroom has) but for now, not so much. I ran into my best friend from childhood, CK, on the train today. I miss her, but we became completely different people - that's for sure. We were inseparable through Pre-K and Kindergarten, and before. Then we went to different elementary schools (and different schools from there on out). We hung out some during elementary and middle school because she still lived only 3 blocks away from me, but I wasn't very good at maintaining young friendships because I was a spoiled bitch.

Anyway, this morning, we saw each other on the train and got to talking. Her life seems pretty glorious. I mean she's always been a pretty girl, and super cute. She's short and very healthy and has a nice figure and face and well, personality as well. I thought she was a little weird for a while thanks to the healthnut thing, but she's really not. We were talking about our current endeavors and it turns out that she's a co-owner of two businesses and while she is about to give up her first business, it is for impressive reasons. Her vegan catering company is expanding. In fact, they are merging with a larger corporation and have just invested in their first fleet of raw food trucks. She lawyered up yesterday because this is a big deal and she doesn't want to get stiffed. Also, they're pitching a reality show based on these raw food trucks and she seems really excited about it and thinks it's going to be hilarious, which I'm sure it will! Pretty much the whole conversation she was just impressing me and I was really happy for her (but I got a little down on myself). As I tried to explain what I did to her, and she tried to make my job seem more glamorous, I started to realize more and more I've really got to think about what I plan on doing with my life. Also, I really have to find something I'm passionate about. She's passionate about so many things and has made a business out of two of them (successfully mind you). She seems to happy, and I want to be happy. Gotta get on that.

In even dimmer news, Dominicaitian asked me out yesterday. I agreed to go to the movies with him, because he's a damn good movie buddy and I wanted to see X-Men. As I might've mentioned before, I really don't have any real interest in the guy as more than a friend. I don't feel the chemistry although he seems to. The Mexican told me I'm being a bitch by leading him on. I just like him so much as a friend/movie buddy (because that's all we've ever done together - other than have dinner after a movie one time), that I want to be selfish and not tell him point blank that I see no future for us. This is how the conversation went in the theater after the movie last night. 

Him: What are we?

Me: Friends.

Him: Just friends?

Me: Yes.

Him: What if I wanted to be more than just friends?

Me: I'm really not ready for a relationship, yet (WHY DID I HAVE TO THROW IN THE YET, I think that's why the Mexican thinks I'm a bitch - because that was definitely a lead on word...)

Him: Are you sure? Why not?

Me: Well I haven't really thought about it that much (white lie?), but right now I don't think I have enough time.

Him: Oh. Well I want to spend more time with you.

Me: I'm sorry, I know I'm a busy person. I just have a bunch of commitments. I'm not trying to avoid you. (tiny fib)

Pretty much a shit show of a conversation. He wanted to kiss me - I stopped him citing the "I don't want to get you sick" excuse. To which he retorted "I can't get sick." WELL OK SUPERMAN, still not happening.

I felt bad because I kind of wanted to go home after the movie and he wanted a specific hot dog and the walk would've left me at the local train needing to switch and blah blah wasn't really interested in all he walked me to the train. He was 3 hours early for work. Oops.

I'm an ass.

Oh well, we'll probably go to the movies next week and I'm going to continue to be heartless! What's up with that? (sigh)


Mrs. Pickle said...

I hate when repair people give me time frames. And it seems to be that they always come right at the later time they gave you. Fuck them and their time frames! If I were a call girl, I would give people time frames just to be a bitch. I picture something along the lines of, “I will be by your place to blow you and stimulate your prostate anywhere from 1pm-6-pm depending on how long my other clients take.”

I never lend people money anymore. I have been taken advantage of way to many times and I have had enough. If you do not have money, that is not my fucking problem!

I feel kind of bad for this Mexican guy. Not that you should be his girlfriend or anything, I just feel bad for him because it sounds like he really likes you. Is he circumcised? If you do not know can you please find and get back to me? Thanks

Oh and BTW, I know I have said it before but I will say it again. I love your blog :)

Kim Humes said...

Ugh I hate when people are considerate. This happened recently at my job when the woman in another dept that was supposed to be our contact for a reception came back from vacation for one day, then went on sick leave! She didn't leave any information about what was done, what needed to be done, etc, so the poor girl that had to take over her stuff had no sweet clue what she was supposed to do and I had no idea either bc this other woman was planning it all and I wasn't involved! She really left us in the lurch, and this was an important event involving catering and speakers and stuff - the least she could have done was send an email listing what needed to be done or tying up loose ends before leaving. I understand things come up in ppl's lives and you can't always plan but there's such a thing as common courtesy. Sigh, end rant

Not who I will be said...

@Mrs. Pickle

I ADORE your blog as well. You crack me up all the time.

As for time frames, I'm definitely going to start putting time frames on my vadge. "If you want some, I will be available between the hours of 11pm and 2am, and yes I know it's a tight window, but I think that says something about the quality of the product you will be experiencing."

I really try not to lend money. I find it hard not to sometimes - which is so unjew-y of me, but I guess I've always been a bad jew.

As for the Mexican, we have no sexual interest in each other. I will ask today if he's circumcised though, we're going to get our nails did.

@ Kim

People who lack consideration I have no patience for. It's probably my BIGGEST pet peeve. As for that chick at your job, she sounds like a complete ass and should be fired. It's not cool to leave people hanging, ever.

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