Friday, September 30, 2011

I kind of feel like a John

Because I lent my "booty call" $400.

I'm too nice. Steel Pans was in a bit of a pickle where his license was suspended until he could pay $1,000 and he can't work without a license, hence the pickle. I covered the balance after he scraped together what he could. I'm probably too nice.

I've spent an incredible amount of money in the past two weeks. It's a bit sick, but about $700 of that went to vacation. I'm really excited to go to Chicago for Halloween and Jamaica for...well, because it's Jamaica and the Canadians will be there. I just need a break, I swear. I love how I act like my life is so rough and I constantly need a vacation. I'm such a baby about it.

Anyway, I'll suck it up and move on with my life.

I went to Honey last night. I wasn't going to. I even went to the gym first, but Feathers convinced me to go. If someone goes, then I go. I actually bet this guy Kirk (a real d-bag) $100 bucks that they would give me the outside table before him...and he "promotes there". I'm cooler though. They like me more. I'm going to win next week - if we go.

We had tacos and tostadas from this amazing truck right by Honey and it was brilliant. So delish. Didn't go with my diet though. Oh yeah, I'm on one of those. Watching what I'm eating, going to the gym more often, pushing myself harder when I'm there. It was going fine until last night and the three dinners/two carafes of cosmos.

That's nothing though. I got everyone shnockered last Thursday in honor of Mo's arrival. Most people ended up sick. I spent another $200. It's fine. I just need to stop "keeping them coming" when I start drinking. I'm a bottomless cosmo pit. I feel a touch bad because I blacked out for part of the evening, but at least I remembered to tell Mo where I I could pass out on the train. Yeah, I'm classy like that. I woke up BEFORE our stop though, so that worked out brilliantly.

We didn't do anything during the day on Friday and that was great. It rained and we watched TV. I need another day like that because starting on Friday night, we were going non-stop pretty much.

We went out to dinner in Union Square and then whilst drinking left over booze from Honey on Thursday (one of my fave parts of Friday mornings is going through my bag from the night before and seeing what goodies I've managed to stuff in my bag - I was not disappointed last Friday with a big bottle of cosmos and one of pom-apple martinis.)

Anyway, we walked up to Taj and we were super early, so we just kind of hung around and drank. A crazy homeless man called us lesbian prostitutes. It was funny because Mo was all "we can't stand on the corner because we'll look like hookers" and then we moved away from the corner....and lo and behold, we got called hookers. Then we went to sit in the bank and drink, and a homeless man decided that's where he was going to sleep that night. We had bad bum luck that night.

We got to Taj right before midnight and got two for one drinks. I had four drinks at once. It was pretty glorious. Good time overall. The train home was kind of a bummer because my train wasn't working...more about this later.

Honestly, I don't feel like writing anymore right now. You'll have to wait until Monday (or later next week) for more updates on my life.

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