Friday, September 2, 2011

I am cruel, and unusual.

I still can't muster up enough "courage" to tell Dominicaitian that I'm not interested in him. Every time I think things have fizzled off enough that he understands I'm not interested, he sends me a message and tries to make plans with me.

I am not nice.

I am really good at faking being nice in person. I'm really good at first dates, which I hate. I can't remember the last first date I went on that didn't result in the guy wanting to see me again. I'm generally uninterested though.

Something might be wrong with me. I think I require immediate chemistry to see a relationship going anywhere. I don't think chemistry can be developed. I've tried. Epic fail, EVERY time.

In other news, I'm in a great mood. Even though my body is really pissed right now. My doctor said I have two infections that are rarely seen together. I won the fucking bacterial lottery, I swear.

That might be TMI. Ignore it.

The Mexican and I went to eat at Social Eatz, Top Chef Angelo Sosa's restaurant so that I could try the Bibimbap burger. It was delicious.

Last night at Honey was marvelous as usual, and I managed to only spend $60. I also wasn't completely shithoused, and my skin "broke out" into kind of a "rash" but it's not a rash, just the splotchy redness on my chest that I can't find the reason for. It's slightly embarrassing, but thank god that the light outside of Honey is red. You couldn't even tell if you weren't looking for it. Irritated me a lot. I ended up with a headache as well. I think I've been clenching my teeth a lot lately. That's no bueno. My dental hygienist says it's no bueno. If I have to get a mouthguard like my mother I'm going to break my jaw.

I got a lot of random numbers and BBMs last night. The hookah guy Manny, who is 20, gave me his number. I have such a crush on him. He's so soft and I just want to squeeze and hug him and possibly do dirty dirty things to him. He turns 21 five days before I turn 25, no big deal...right? He has a fake ID though. Which reminds me of J Kwon's one hit wonder, "Tipsy", which I hated. I bet Manny doesn't even know this song because he was probably 10 when it came out. Super sad face. He was born in the 90s, guys...I remember the 90s...motherfucking cradle robber here.

I met another Jamaican. He is 21. Yup, another baby. He's going back to Kingston on Sunday. We danced a bunch. The DJ finally played my song (Quickie - Miguel) followed by my other song (Motivation - Kelly Rowland). It was great times. The Jamaican, his two cousins and friend drove me home. Well, I guess one of the cousins drove (whom I may, or may not be BBMing with right now** - I seriously have no clue who I'm talking to). They live in Brooklyn so it was fine. Feather and her friend...let's call her Heels (who was on the boat ride on Friday, and is now my friend), were worried about me...but I really love rides home. It worked out magnificently. I like those boys. They're good guys. We'll possibly see them this weekend.

Labor day weekend should be splendid. I think a bunch of people will make their way to my house because I'm not so far from all of the J'Ouvert activities, or the parade.

We shall see though.

I'm tired now. Running out of energy. Don't want to wait around at work to submit this stupid grant. But my raise retroactively kicked in today! So on the pros and cons checklist for the day, I'm way up on pros.

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S. Still being lazy with the visual aids. BITE ME.

** Turns out I realized who I was talking to. I had met this guy who knew my mom. Yes, I know that's kind of weird, but she's a high school teacher and get this. He was her student in...1998. Yup, he graduated from high school 6 years before me. I probably knew him. I probably met him when I went to visit my mom at work. He remembers her though. I don't know how I feel about this.


Taylor Christian said...

I feel like I have so much to catch up on being out of the blogosphere or something, but you never fail to entertain me! LOVE YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Dude, just tell him you're not interested in hanging out anymore. You don't see it going anywhere, etc. etc. Who cares if you're not nice? I'm assuming you're not going to be a raging bitch so just tell him how it is. It won't come out as bad as you think will. And he'll get over it. If he doesn't, well, that's his problem.

KG said...

@Taylor, welcome back to the blogosphere and I'm glad I can entertain

@Lilly, I know I need to. I will. Thanks!

B said...

Sometimes you have to spell it out for people. I try to be a good person but sometimes the best option is to block, delete, erase from phone, fb, bbm and hope to god you don't run into him, no matter how fucked up it is.

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

Girl, I totally feel you. Which is why, when I was dating, I just let things go on and on and on until something imploded. Probably not the right way to do things. =)

Hope you had a fabulous long weekend.

KG said...

@B, I really need to cut this guy out of my life but he hasn't really done anything wrong. We've been on a few dates and I still feel nothing, even if we've been flirty. I'm just being mean and stringing him along

@Elizabeth, I'm definitely not doing things the right way, but at least I recognize it, right?

And I had a pretty good weekend, hope yours was amazing!

Anonymous said...

From what I've read in a few of your posts, I feel like you and I would get along so well and I love your writing style. I'm also not very nice with guys...when a guy is interested in me I'm completely indifferent and nonconfrontational which confuses them because they haven't been cruely rejected, but I'm also not receptive. It's so bad.

I agree wil Lilly, the best thing to do is just say "hey, sorry..." and if he doesn't take it well, that's his own problem.

Keep up the good work!

KG said...

@ana I completely agree! I've also been acting the same way...towards a lot of guys lately.

I kind of wish there was someone I was ACTUALLY interested in, so I could have an excuse as to why I can't humor these other folks anymore. I'll figure it out!


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