Monday, July 11, 2011

Wet feet and baby steps

Do you know why Mondays are tolerable? Because I get to read all of the blog updates since Friday from the blogs I follow. Other than that, Monday pretty much lives up to its reputation. No need to explain what this reputation is, you all know. You've all had the Monday morning blues at SOME point in your life.

Sad to report folks that I had a pretty uneventful weekend yet again. I think I'm coming to grips with the fact that I'm over 50% homebody. Sure I enjoy going out with my friends, but once I am in the comfort of my own home, it's truly difficult to pull myself away.

Friday after work it was raining. This made me upset, because I was wearing flip flops. I hate wet flip flops. I don't like the squeaking they make when you walk. I don't like that you have to be extra cautious so you don't lose a shoe by just walking. I especially hate when your feet get wet AND dirty. I was not a happy camper, but I was able to catch the bus, so I didn't have to walk much outside.

Other things I hate about the rain (when I have things to do). Umbrellas. I hate them. I hate carrying umbrellas, I hate bobbing and weaving around everyone else's umbrella. I hate having to maneuver around other people. I hate other people's umbrella's dumping on me. The smell. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind the smell of the warm pavement after it's just rained, but it's hard to smell warm wet sidewalk when you're overwhelmed by the stench of warm wet garbage, and people...but not in a good way. People smell bad when they're hot and damp. That's just the way it goes. I'm getting a little sick just thinking about it.

However, I did see a dog in the most glorious red raincoat. Normally, I don't care for people dressing up their dogs, but I get a real kick out of seeing animals dressed up in rain gear.

I managed to force myself to go to the gym, even though I was functioning on a cool 3 hours of sleep. Did a lot of cardio, a little big of other stuff before getting bored and deciding it was time to go the fuck to bed.

I went home and although I probably could've made plans, four people I was talking to had the same idea about staying in. It was just a lazy friday. I passed out at 10pm and didn't wake up until 8am the next morning.

Now let me tell you, I was not pleasantly woken up on Saturday. The roofers were there again. Pound pound pounding away at my wall/the roof outside of my room. They decided 8-9am would be the very best time to do the noisiest work. Let me tell you how FUMING I was when I dragged myself down the stairs to the kitchen just after 9am. I basically wanted to rip my father's apologetic head off. I just wondered why/how he could be so stupid/inconsiderate, to allow these men to start at 8am on SATURDAY. After angrily eating my cucumber and dip and yelling at him, he said he would talk to them about starting a bit later in the day.

I was just really upset not necessarily because they woke me up (which they did and had I gone out on Friday I would've been even more livid), but because it was too hot to close the windows, and too loud to watch my overpacked DVR. All I wanted to do was watch tv. Normally I could go into the living room and watch my mother's overpacked DVR, but since she's on summer vacation, she's actually been keeping up with all of the TV she records, just my luck.

The noise died down around 10am and I returned to my room. I started to pull my act together.

I agreed to go to a family function. My second cousin graduated from high school and they were having a party for her. (if you don't understand how first/second/third or removed cousins works, my dad will be more than happy to explain it to you....every time.) Normally I would avoid family functions like the plague, but this section of the family is the good part of my dad's family. Also, my dad kind of guilted me into fulfilling my familial obligations - damn Jewish blood.

I should've eaten something substantial before getting in the car.

I wanted to kill both of my parents within the first hour of the car ride. I was starving and the promise of food was still 3 hours away. I didn't know this at the time. My dad said that it would be an hour before we stopped. I can handle an hour. What I didn't know was that meant an hour until we drop Lisa (my mother's friend visiting from Austria) off at her brother's house "sort of" on the way to my cousin's house. I looked at the GPS and it told me the truth. I had almost 3 more hours to go and my blood sugar was dropping quickly.

Normally I don't have any issues with car sickness. In fact, I can comfortably read in the car for hours...unless my stomach is completely empty. I had to stop reading at one point and put my head between my knees. I was infuriated. Also, I wanted to charge my Kindle, but of course my parents' Prius only has one electrical jack, whereas my Camry has oh...4? MINIMUM. Again, perturbed. I threw the charger and then yanked it away yelling "FORGET IT" at some point, when my parents couldn't figure out how to have their GPS and my Kindle plugged in at the same time while I was sitting in the backseat.

Pretty much I threw a tiny temper tantrum and immediately regretted agreeing to any kind of family outing.

I didn't want to get out of the car when we got to Lisa's brother's, but I was forced. I wasn't the most friendly, but I wasn't a complete asshole either.

20 minutes later we were back on the road for another 2 hour tour.

I read and tried not to imagine how I could decapitate someone with my bare hands if I didn't get something to eat, NOW.

We arrived and there weren't many people there, but there were cocktail shrimp. I said hello to two people before making a beeline for the food. I probably ate 40 cocktail shrimp and some other random stuff, but mostly shrimp. There were so many gnats around that I remembered gnats/fruit flies were my least favorite living creature on the planet. They wanted my shrimp. I was frustrated. And then everything evened out.

I was really disappointed in the Sangria, it was so watered down. The guy they hired to serve or whatever looks like he was a few chromosomes short. Not in a fetal alcohol/downs syndrome way where there are telltale signs that the kid is a mess, but in a "the lights are on but nobody's home" kind of way. I chuckled about this every time I got a bottle of water from him.

My stomach was still uninterested in alcohol from Thursday, so I didn't take much advantage of the free booze. I also had no cell reception so I was forced to be social.

The good part of my dad's family was pleasant and I think overall it was actually quite enjoyable, and the food was great. I would really like some of the strawberry shortcake they had, right about now.

One day I'll tell you all about the bad part of my dad's family. The good part descends from his Aunt. The bad part (excluding him of course) descends from his late mother. Let me tell you the novels that can be written about those gems. You won't believe it until you hear it.

We got home at 11pm-ish and having been woken up at 8am, I took my ass to bed. Steel Pans was supposed to come over around 4:30am-ish, but I guess he got too drunk and for the first time in his life he decided not to drink and drive.

I did see him Sunday night though. At around 11 something I'd say he came over. It was like a sauna in my room because my laptop had been on all day and somehow that manages to heat up MY ENTIRE ROOM.

I was watched the Next Food Network Star and we were pretty much laying in my bed in the buff. I've realized that he's really the perfect BC. I enjoy his company for the brief period before we go at it. He makes me laugh. He's aggressive and when he's tired of actually talking to me he just takes off my clothes. We can comfortably sleep next to each other and think nothing of it in the morning. And, I can't see this going anywhere but where it is right now. I got a little sad this morning when I thought about having to give him up if I ever did get into a real relationship.

After the deed was done - and brilliantly might I add, he decided within 15 minutes it was too hot to sleep in my room and he had to be up early anyway to take his daughter to school in the morning. So he left at 1:30.

I woke up at 2:30 and realized I forgot to call this boy in North Carolina. He was still up, so I called. We talked until 4am. He'll be up in NYC on Wednesday and I think we'll get dinner. I felt like a teenager again, because I am definitely not a phone person anymore, but I actually wanted to talk on the phone all day yesterday. Maybe I've realized that you can't maintain/build friendships/relationship based solely on textual communication.

There are still two more hours in the work day. I don't know what the hell I'm going to do, but if I keep eating I'm going to explode. This working out shit doesn't make any difference considering my intake is still greater than my output these days.

Baby steps.


Maxwell said...

I would also be happy to explain the first-second-third... cousin thing as well. I'm THAT guy.

Here's the one thing I don't understand about you after reading your blog: How the hell are you still alive? I'm a night owl, but I can't vary my sleep schedule like you do. I'm pretty sure I would die.

Not who I will be said...

You and my dad can be best buds then. I mean, I understand the concept after having it explained to me once, but I swear every time we're with family, SOMEONE asks and he goes through the spiel again and again. He's like that though, always with three main topics that he is super passionate about. He knows how to make a long story longer - I get my skills from him.

And as for being alive, I wonder that myself sometimes. I've always been good at waking up and taking care of what needs to be done, if anything needs to be done.

I might've gone to sleep at 4am, but my body naturally woke up around 6am because I knew that I had to. I've never been a snooze button person - or at least I've never slept through my alarm.

I guess it's just magic. I don't know how I do it either, but my sleeping habits are forever sporadic.

Taylor Christian said...

Phone calls are the sweetest thing! And I'm pretty sure the pup in the raincoat is still going to be drenched...(My dog had a playboy bunny jacket). And also, thanks for taking up for my "annoying" habits on 20sb. lol I was starting to get blog conscious!

Mary said...

i am such a homebody too. people have to pry me out of my cozy apartment, otherwise I will stay inside until I have to work the next week. :)

Elliot MacLeod-Michael said...

Going to gym on three hours of sleep qualifies you as someone with much more self-discipline than me.

Not who I will be said...

@ Taylor, I love your blog! Don't change.

@ Mary, sometimes I wonder if I like being at home TOO much. There are things I would like to go out and do, but I often just choose my bed over all of my options.

@ Elliot, I'm really working on this gym consistency thing. So far, so also leaves me passing out at 10:30pm most nights, so I guess that helps.

Miss Sassy Pants said...

I want to see a dog in raingear!! That sounds so cute! When I was little my sister and I used to dress up our obese Labrador in clothing and one of the cutest looking outfits was one that had a Barney rain coat.

And on a completely different not, I am more than 90 percent homebody. It takes a lot of screaming and shouting for my friends to get me out of the house. But really, after a long week of work, all I want to do is drink a gin and tonic and blog. NOT go to a bar.

Not who I will be said...

@ Sassy, they're EVERYWHERE in the neighborhood I work in. It's so posh to dress up your pup. I just laughed aloud thinking about a fat dog in tiny clothes.

I wish I had more friends who would scream and shout at me to get out, although at the end of a long week it does feel great to just relax at home. I really feel like I don't do much, even if I am relatively busy. Maybe it's because my social circle is not that big that I feel like I'm not as outgoing as I need to be.

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