Monday, July 18, 2011

Sure, smack my butt. Don't worry, I won't wake up.

When I decided that drinking when I have work the next day is a good idea, I don't know...but, it's not (a good idea).

Yesterday, I went to the Bronx to meet up with B at City Island. Her family was all there after having gone to church. I'm not sure how often this happens, but not that often. Considering I hadn't left the house on Saturday, I figured seafood was probably the best reason to go out there.

So I got there with a tiny bit of traffic. Had broiled snow crab legs, 6 clams and 6 oysters. It was pretty much phenomenal and I looked like a savage as I ate them.
We hung around taking pictures after that. I didn't get the ones I took off of my camera yet, so those may come later (or I'm a genius and I totally brought my camera to work with me!)
I love them all!

 Anyway, afterward we went to Orchard Beach to catch the second half of this basketball game. I had a bottle of vodka in my trunk and we thought it would be a good idea to drink. So we spent 15 minutes on line getting a huge cup of ice tea to mix the vodka into. Basically, the game was over when we got to the actually basketball court. At least it was close to over. Sister was going to drive my car so I could continue to drink, but B and Sis got into a tiny tiff and because I wasn't feeling the booze at all, I felt good to drive. We drove back to B's block and decided that we were going to be pretty much "hood" and bring folding/lounge chairs outside and just go sit on the side walk, listen to music and drink more. We went down the block from her house and sat near my car. It was actually a ton of fun.

This guy I used to mess around with who happens to be one of B's best friends (BBFF) decided to come over since he's been MIA for a while. I actually made a bet with another of B's friends that we would never hook up again, and I don't plan on losing my $20. Not that our trysts weren't good, in fact, he was one of the better ones, but his attitude and mine DO NOT MESH. Ever. He seemed taken aback that I would think we would never hook up again. We won't. I'll see to it.

Once BBFF got there, we decided to all sit in my car because he didn't have a seat, and because we moved on to drinking coronas, and you can't just do that on the sidewalk. Drinking out of a beer bottle is not the same as drinking out of a big gulp pepsi cup.

We hung out there for a while and then around 1am we went back to B's apartment. I changed into the PJ's I leave at her house. BBFF tried to feel me up. I put the kibosh on that. Then I laid down, and promptly passed out.

While I was asleep, they made burgers (which I didn't have any of - sad face) and apparently BBFF was smacking my ass and I didn't wake up. I only have a faint memory of him leaving.

At 3am, I must've felt energized or something because I decided to go home. In order to avoid driving in traffic today (Monday), I was going to drive home at 3am on Sunday. I tried to wake up B to tell her to lock the door behind me, but she pretty much ignored me. I was home by 3:30am. Best driving decision ever.

Woke up this morning dehydrated, feeling like my blood was pure vodka and probably exuding it from my pores. Oh well. I made it to the chiropractor and am now at work. I was in my own personal hell about an hour ago because I was on a conference call with ITS from the College and the Hospital. It was agonizing and my IT problem is still not solved, and they don't even know where to begin.


Rewinding a bit, Friday, I decided to leave work early to check out another Restaurant Week place for lunch.

Watermelon salad with watercress, goat cheese and champagne vinaigrette - I sat outside which is why the picture is not great, it was hot and sunny.
Softshell crab hoagie with chipotle mayo and slaw with home made salt and vinegar chips
Creme Brulee tart with peach and blueberry compote and summer peach sorbet

I went home and get a pedicure and was convinced, although I was exhausted, to meet up with VWR and Golda for drinks. I met them in the East Village and we ended up going to three different places which pretty much sucked. I learned, however, that I no longer hate beer as I had once originally thought. I did chug two mugs at Off the Wagon (one of the Stumble Inn's counterparts). We also caught the end of this show thing and the environment was totally not my style. I'm just not a hippie. There was this girl whose voice was...interested, and she talked a mile a minute. VWR and I decided to leave early from that place and try and go meet up with the Mexican. That didn't work out so well, so we both just went home around 1am, and I was really ok with that.

Lastly, B is going to Detroit tomorrow because of her job. I really hope they don't relocate her there. I'm sure sure what I would do with myself if she left. It makes me nervous.


Little Miss Me said...

Hehehe I love how you didn't wake up when he smacked your ass, poor guy bet he had a right sad face on him

KG said...

He probably did, but he's generally an ass, so it's ok.

It only makes me a LITTLE nervous that I didn't feel him smacking my ass at all. My best friend told me all about it the next day. I have to reduce my alcohol intake...

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