Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm melting...

And no this isn't a reference to the wicked witch of the west, which I might very well be. (although I'm on the east, but there's no house on top of me and I don't think I've ever "brought down the house" either. I think you need to know how to play an instrument for this...but I digress.)

Anyway, I'm melting because "God" has decided to SMITE New York City (and perhaps the rest of the north east). We are being punished. There is no better reason for this god forsaken heat wave then just that (global warming didn't make the reasonable explanation cut). 

According to (or as the Mexican calls it ""), it is currently 95 degrees and feels like 106. No big deal. It's 11am. Not a problem that it is so sweltering (humidity included) that you can literally cook an egg on the sidewalk (and I might try later). If I wanted to sweat this badly and be this miserable in the heat, at the very least I could be on a tropical island (Jamaica?)


I had to walk 4 blocks or so this morning and in that time, I saw a half dozen people on the verge of death. I'm not a big sweater (not even one of gramma's old jumpers - although I never saw my gma wear many sweaters) but I have a tendency to use anti-perspirant EVERYWHERE. I would probably bathe in it if I could, coat myself in a fine layer of anti-sweat. Unfortunately, my masseuse wiped off my lower back deodorant this morning during my massage, so now I feel like my back is going to ooze sweat out of all of its pores and make me uncomfortable, sticky and all around gross. I've seen a bunch of heinous looking wetbacks today and yesterday (pun intended).

Usually, Fridays would be the day where I update about my miserable hangover and the fun I had at Honey, but everyone refused to go because of the heat.

So what did I do? I went to David Burke's Townhouse. I thought about going to this place across the street, but they didn't use OpenTable for Reservations, and I didn't feel like calling on the phone.

At DB, they have a prix fixe menu. Unfortunately, the things that I saw on the restaurant week menu were on the "dinner" prix fix menu, costing me $37 as opposed to $24.07. I wrestled with the idea of going with some other meal than the one I had planned in my head, but I had heard rave reviews about this crab cake, so I figured, go an inch go a mile and I ordered off the more expensive menu. I was not disappointed, but I might still be full from the meal. It was definitely not a hot summer day meal, but that's when I had it.

Oh and for Maxwell's viewing pleasure (and maybe the rest of you too), I took pictures.

This is how the butter came, in a twirl on a block of pink salt and a few pink salt sprinkles. The bread was hot and crispy and divine.

Pretzel encrusted crab cake with tomato orange chutney and poppy seed honey - I cut it open to show the inside, but you can't really see it.

Braised short rib over handmade cavatelli with wild mushrooms and truffle cream sauce and mushroom chips. SO heavy, but amazing and I didn't even have to use my knife for the short rib
One of the best chocolate mousses I've EVER had, and those big balls are sour cherries and the little ones are little nestle crunch balls. I was so full and yet I stuffed it in anyway.

After indulging, I went home and I laid in bed and watched TV for the rest of the night until I passed out just before 11pm in my air conditioned heaven. My mom is still in the hospital and supposed to get an exploratory surgery today. Hope it goes well!

I'm going to my last restaurant week restaurant later today with the Mexican. We're going to have Filet Mignon and I'm sure it will be phenomenal. We also have a going away party at a bar later today, and we might end up sweating to death with all of the walking that we will supposedly be doing. It's going to be rough.

Oh, on a side note - I'm a very regular person. Pretty much everything in my life is routine and predictable, but I'm currently late, and this freaks me out. Stay tuned.  



Maxwell said...

That is why I'm a partial hermit. I hate heat and humidity. Central air is a religious experience.

I'm so fucking jealous of the fact that you can just "go out" and get a meal like that any time.

Good luck to your mom! As well as with that bomb you decided to drop at the end there...

KG said...

I don't have central air, but my AC is pretty phenomenal. This back and forth from hot to cold though is creating an issue. I wish I could be a hermit and not have to go to work through this thick hot air. I miss central air.

It's time for you to move to NYC.

I think she'll be fine. I prefer not to think she won't be. As for the bomb, let's hope it doesn't explode. I don't need the stress of cleaning up after that situation. Yikes!

Little Missy Me said...

the weather sound AMAZING! oh sunshine and amazing heat... basically no clothes, lots of ice cream, gin and tonics... what else could you want?!

PorkStar said...

The weather has been horrendously warm and humid indeed. I chickened out and took the day off, stayed home mostly watching smut and sleeping in.

KG said...

Porky you lucky lucky bastard. I wish I could've taken the day off.

@Little Missy, it was AWFUL. You never realize how few peoples' bodies you want to see uncovered until that kind of weather. Drinking is just a bad idea in that kind of heat/humidity - although I did it...

I survived! I might make myself a tshirt that says that "I survived the heat wave of 2011"

Monica said...

I love how all last week you were complaining about the weather and I was telling you how much I love it. I am soooo happy for you that the little SN at the bottom turned out to be false :)

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