Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wednesday Woes - Weather WTF!?

Wednesday Woes
Who doesn't enjoy complaining on a Wednesday? Wednesday is that day of the work week we're all just trying to get through. You're a day closer to the upcoming weekend, but last weekend is already two days behind you and you still have two more week days ahead. So go ahead, tell us what your "Woes" are this Wednesday so we can commiserate, and don't forget to linkup!

I actually don't have all that much to complain about today, which is a surprise. Pretty much the same old stuff.

1. The weather is goddamn bipolar. It was almost 90 degrees on Monday and almost 80 yesterday. Now it's barely 60. I know a lot of people whose health this is affecting, including mine.

2. My coworker still smells. At the end of the week I will probably bring it up to my boss in hopes that she can mention something, because it's not my responsibility.

3. I hate dealing with governmental grants. Actually, scratch that. I hate having to pick up grants in the middle of the application process because everyone has a different process. Now we're coming down to the deadline and I know that tomorrow may kill me.

4. Walking into work in the morning, I didn't even have 10 seconds to myself before I had to troubleshoot a damn computer problem. It's really irritating having to be the go-to person for every random issue. Someone else needs to step up and handle some of this bullshit, or they should really have fought harder to keep my former coworker.

5. I feel like I've had something in my eye for two days now. It's really becoming an irritant.

6. My cough is lingering.

7. The conference room needs to be split up, and my ass will not be the one doing it.

Eh- I'm done complaining. I just want the sun to come out.


Lorraine said...

Dude. I used to work with a smelly person in an office and it was the worst of life. My boss would just enter the office and laugh at me and leave as soon as possible.


Anyhow, boo to bipolar weather. I can't wait until the all out summer heat. :)


katie said...

Confession: I went to school with a smelly person. He finally had to leave class when I vomited one day.

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