Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday morning flood

I'm not sure if you can tell, but that's a flood. Guess where it was. If you guessed the 68th Street - Hunter College stop on the 6 train, you would be correct.

Guess what stop I have to get off at for work? And guess yet again, whether or not the MTA decided to mention this flood situation to the lucky MTA patrons that would be exiting at Hunter College.

To say the least, my morning commute was kind of disgusting. I mean, everything was going just fine (my mother yelled at me for eating half of a piece of steak that apparently she planned to bring to work for lunch - tough luck...she knows how much I love red meat and that she would even consider cooking steak and not leaving me some, she deserves being assed out this morning. HARUMPH) in terms of how fast the trains came. I had a seat by Dekalb Avenue. I managed to pull my skirt down enough in the back that my asscheeks and most of my thighs were not touching the seat on the train...but then I got off at Hunter College and had to wade through 6 inches of water, in leather sandals.

I'm just happy that my sandals are semi-waterproof, and by the time I got down two blocks, my feet were dry...but when I think about what was in that water, or where it came from, I get pretty grossed out. I'm also sure that having wet feet outside, is not the best thing for someone with a cold.

That's right, I still have a cold. I'm still coughing; still sneezing; still fighting off an epic headache. I was miserable yesterday at my great aunt's 80th birthday party. My sickness contributed to my unwillingness to socialize with family I only see once a year and other people whom I have either never met, or rarely see. There's something to that though. I had a great bloody mary that took be forever to finish because I was sick, so I had no booze flowing through my veins...and the closest person to my age at the party (in either direction) was my first cousin once removed, a freshman in college. So, everyone took pity on me, and left me alone (pretty sure they just didn't want my germs).

Basically, I sat around looking like a zombie, praying for the time to come when we could go home. Also, my stomach was really unhappy. I'm pretty sure the raw clams I had for breakfast didn't help that whole situation, but they needed to be eaten.

B and I went to City Island with her boo on Saturday. I drove, and kind of drove like a maniac. The food was awesome. B and her boo came back to my house and we hung out, and another of my friends came over...let's call him "HSS" because I don't know what I've called him before. We played Kings with malt liquor and everyone was really unhappy with how their stomachs felt, so we went to sleep. HSS and I cuddled, which was actually really great.

Now we're back to Monday and I'm ready for the work day to be over because it's 85 degrees outside.


Monica said...

85 degrees!! egh! so jealous! That water stuff is even more yuck now that I have seen a photo!

katie said...


I'm already missing that 85 degree weather. (WTF at our weather being in the 50's all of a sudden?) Wouldn't miss that heat in the subway though. Noooo ma'am.

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