Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy belated holidays?

This post is a work in progress. Honestly, you can check back later and I will have put pictures in. (Late addition: I've decided to backload this whole entry with the pictures as opposed to scatter them throughout)

Work wall looking snazzier lately!

Nothing really exciting has been going on in my life lately. There were a few days there where I was getting a lot of action, but that quickly died down. I went to Sacramento to spend Christmas with the Mexican and his family. We didn't really do much.

Literally, this is what we did.

After making me wait three extra hours in the San Francisco airport, the Mexican and his sister showed up. I was a touch perturbed considering I had been in JFK for about 2 hours before my flight (JBike drove me, and it was a very quick ride), and the flight is 6 hours. Although, I did have two seats to myself, so I got to sit/lay down across the two seats at 8am in the morning, which was pleasant enough. Thank you vicodin for keeping the pain of sitting for that long to a minimum. Actually, I only took half of one, I was being classy.

Having lost 3 hours to the time change, I left my house at 5:45am, and finally completed my travel time at only 2pm. (On the way back we left the house at 10:30 and I got home at midnight).

We spent a few hours at Fisherman's Wharf eating Clam Chowder out of a Sourdough bread bowl, and having this delicious salad with Jicama, which I usually don't care for. Also, we had the most delicious Mojito. I would show you pictures, but day three of my trip makes that impossible...unfortunately.

We saw the sea lions and ate cotton candy. I didn't stop eating from Wednesday morning until...well I still haven't stopped eating.

Oh look at that it's 5pm. Time to go home. Perhaps I will finish this at home, although it's more likely to happen tomorrow at work because we're back in lull season!

Look at's day 2 of trying to blog. 

Anyway, back to my trip to Sacramento. We drove home after spending some time at Fisherman's Wharf.

Sidenote: We saw this really young couple (neither of the people were over 20 by the looks) and they had a 2 year old downs baby. I salute them, and I feel bad for them because not only did they have babies young, they're in for a lifetime of care of that baby. I could never do it. Knock on wood.

So what the hell did we do...We ate food that the Mexican's mama made which was DELICIOUS - as was all of her food for the rest of the vacation. His mom really wasn't very chatty. I think if I spoke Spanish it would've been different, but she was really nice. His dad was a hoot. Yup, I said "a hoot". Just a funny guy. We got along. I got along with everyone!

I was still on east coast time, so it was hard to adjust and I went to sleep pretty darn early, and thus woke up...pretty darn early. I was up at 9am, but the Mexican didn't get up until noon...any of the days I was there (except the day I left because we had to be out of the house by 10:30). 

 Thursday we went to Davis, ate gourmet bagel sandwiches, and walked around. We went to the UC Davis campus where the Mexican and his friend both went. I almost bought sweatpants, but I wasn't feeling particularly spendy...and then we went to this sweets shop where I got this delicious treat.

Yup, chocolate cake and chocolate mousse in a chocolate ganache dome

Friday, we went to Old Sac, and found this new store called the Olive Mix, and sampled dozens of EVOO and balsamic vinegars. Bought myself 100 bucks worth of them. It was a delicious delicious day. Unfortunately, I didn't take pics at all of what I got just yet, but I've been using them and it's been fantastic! (I've made a million crostinis since I've been home because we are currently "stove-less"). We also went to all of these gag/novelty gift shops. I almost got B shot glasses, but I took pictures of the sayings instead. I, however, lost these photos in the media card debacle of Saturday morning.

Saturday the Mexican and I were sitting in my room and I couldn't get my facebook messenger icon to disappear on my phone, even though I couldn't find the unopened like anyone with a blackberry would've done, I popped the battery. Unfortunately, my media card was being accessed at the time and by pulling the battery while that was going on, I corrupted the card and lost everything. I tried everything to get it back, but eventually just reformatted and reloaded when I got home. Therefore, I lost whatever pictures I had, because I forgot to take my camera ANYWHERE.

Anyway, for the rest of the time I was there we pretty much only went to holiday shop for the Mexican's family and watched movies. A million goddamn movies. I had seen pretty much all of them before. So basically it was relaxing as shit...until my flight home.

Oh, and xmas was fine. We didn't really do anything special. I got an infinity scarf from the Mexican's mom that he tried to steal (with no success). I didn't really take pictures of ANYTHING. I did try in and out burger on the way to the airport though, so that was nice.

Christmas set up
I was seated next to this kid who must've had Tourette's and bad BO. Thankfully the plane was mostly empty and the woman next to me moved to her own row. Also, the kid was quiet enough during the flight that my headphones drowned him out. By kid, I must tell you that this "kid" was probably 17. He would burst out into song and move around a lot, and each time he leaned back and frantically moved around, his BO would waft over to me. Not the most pleasant thing ever, but survivable as it was only once in a while and I tried to sleep most of the time.

JBike picked me up from the airport. I was surprised he didn't stay over, but I guess he's on his gypsy cab grind. Can't fault him for that. I'd like my money back at SOME point.

How was everyone else's holiday?

I came back to work to a handful of gifts. This year I splurged more on myself than I ever have for the holidays before. I bought mini portable speakers, all of that stuff at the olive mix, a tshirt, and $70 worth of chocolate.

MOST AMAZING chocolate. You should try it.
Basic speaker I can hook up to my phone or ipod.
Awesome little speaker that I can just put my media card right into! FOR traveling!
This is what the tshirt looks like. BINGE eating!

So much chocolate, so little time.

These two truffles were AMAZING from one of the Drs. I work with on grants.
From one of my fellows. I might have to regift this though. I can't handle more chocolate.
From my supervisor. Love Dark Chocolate!

Other gifts from coworkers (basil infused EVOO not pictured)
From the Divisional Administrator. Super cute "ornament" and squishy!
Poinsettia from one of the co-chiefs
Much prettier closer up!
From both co-chiefs. $25 more than last year!
My old temp agency sends the weirdest gifts every year! Gave to my dad.
From my program director. It's full of all sorts of soaps and bath products. Do I need to bathe more?

I've also picked up a snazzy oragami hobby (again) thanks to learning how to make these little gems:

My mom is feeding into this hobby because she wants me to make small oragami beads that she can make earrings out of. DONE! I made a crab and lotus flower yesterday. I might start bringing some to work because it's a slow time of year.


Monica said...

We need to start strapping your camera to you when you go on trips. I need to text you and remind you to take pictures!

The Tsaritsa a.k.a. Alexandra Naughton said...

Glad you had a fun and relaxing time in the Bay-- relaxing is what we do best out here :) We took it easy this holiday and slept in on Christmas and watched movies. Love it! Happy New Year!

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