Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It's OK that it's not Thursday

Look, I'm not going to be able to blog tomorrow so since I like it's OK Thursdays so much, I'm going to participate again.

It's OK....
  • That it's 60 degrees in New York and was the same yesterday and this makes me happy (while I'm here), but pissed because I always leave town when there's amazing weather here!
  • That yesterday was my birthday and although I didn't do anything spectacular, I had two great meals with people I really adore. The Mexican really made this birthday great.
  • That I cried at the copy machine yesterday because of my dad, and then again when I got home
  • That I broke my family's one and only tradition (I didn't want a Carvel cake to celebrate)
  • That even though I told this guy in Jamaica I would not bring his little brother hats, I have now been to three different stores all over NYC looking for his size so that I can surprise them tomorrow.
  • That this time tomorrow, I will be on the beach with a drink in my hand
  • To wish that Mo and a few other people were coming to Jamaica
  • To be torn that someone who wasn't supposed to be in Jamaica will be there. Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of hers, but I was kind of wishing this would be mine and B's trip
  • That my best friend in New York is moving to Detroit as soon as we come back from our trip - and to not know how I feel about that
  • To have been in a great mood last night even though I was so full it hurt
  • To have had some of the best sex with Steel Pans that we've had last night
  • To want more lunch because the yogurt and salad I had just didn't do it
  • To be watching the clock, excited to blow out of work for the next 5 days.
  • To be undecided about getting breast implants in two weeks or not (ideally I would, but cost wise I will probably have to wait until early summer)
  • That my phone freezes every time I try to upload pictures to facebook (this is actually not OK and quite irritating)
  • To have spent $100 on in Kindle today because of 1-click purchasing
  • To love chick lit, even if you sometimes feel lame about it
  • To want to have a story like the ones you read about
  • To switch between saying "I" and using the universal "You" in this list
  • To have to repack your suitcase because the two liters of vodka you're bringing to a foreign country are damn heavy
  • To pack three pairs of shoes that there's VERY little chance of you wearing because when you drink, you shouldn't be any further from the ground than you need to be because you're incredibly accident prone
  • To show everyone your scars because it makes you feel tough - even though not one of your stories is all
  • That this list is getting incredibly long
  • To be slowly getting over EPT, even if you're upset he didn't even say "Happy Birthday"
  • To have been excited to respond to hundreds of facebook "Happy Birthdays" because it felt like you got more than last year and you were feeling a little forgotten
  • To want more cake and not to throw it up
  • To have a million other things to say, and yet feel like this might be the time to quit
By the way, here's what I ate for my birthday dinner:
My flash didn't go off :( There was a spicy green sauce that just looks black here.
Best part of the meal. These scallops were AMAZING
By the way, the ice cream tasted like Tiramisu.


Monica said...

Haha that is a long list!
I wish i was going to JA with you too..that food looks amazing, Birthday FB messages are fantastic!

KG said...

Don't lie Mo. You could've come if you wanted!

B said...

yay for good sex lol. As much as I like these types of post I'm too lazy to jump on the bandwagon! YOu are so lucky to be going to on vacation again, have fun. Once I get caught on my bills I'm find a nice beach and going!

Lorraine said...

You are on a beach drinking somewhere. I am leaving you a comment.



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