Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's OK, because tomorrow's Friday

As you may know, if you are a reader of this blog, I had surgery last Wednesday.

I'm back at work for my second day today, and I'm sleepy...

  • That I'm jealous of Mo being on her way to/in Orlando this weekend during All-Star weekend because I love tall athletic men (and she didn't even know it was happening!)
  • That my parents are dog sitting until Sunday and it makes me really happy seeing my dad with dog again
  • To eat two brownies and two cookies that you brilliantly stashed from yesterday
  • To have surgery, just because you think it'll make you better somehow
  • That my body is about 30% covered with heinous bruises right now
  • That my skin is so dry it's disgusting me, and no amount of lotion seems to be helping
  • To feel like your head is a million pounds
  • To be eating jelly beans even though they're making you sick
  • To have learned to deal with a baseline amount of pain for now, because you I can't keep taking painkillers like candy
  • To be excited about being able to sleep semi comfortably on your side
  • To have gone on a really sweet lunch date yesterday and not marked it as taking lunch on your timesheet
  • To be drinking water from a bottle you filled up in Kingston, Jamaica 3 weeks ago
  • To be ready for bed at 3pm, yet know that when it's actually time for bed, you will not be able to sleep
  • To be confused because last night B was ready to go to Jamaica, and now she's not even though I've been looking at the prices and such
  • To not know whether to be upset about this or not
  • To just have lost motivation to write more.

Here are some of my bruises, maybe I'll actually update about the surgery soon.

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