Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jamaica debacle continued

I was out of it on Friday when I woke up. Max made breakfast and I was lazy as shit. Wayne left and I had to wait for him to come back because I had no idea how to get to my room.

I did the walk of shame in a pair of ripped silk harem pants and a sparkly gray top. I'm surprised I put on pants, because I don't think I put them on the night before to walk to Sugar's room, although I don't remember.

The night before - note sparkly top
Either way, I pretty much lazed around all day - I went out to the pool to meet up with the girls at some point and we went through the evening before. Sober me didn't choose sides. I kept saying over and over, I just don't understand how this thing with Khani can be so serious, and why didn't Paris come see Kim in the hospital or at least check on her.

In order for her to take her pain pills, Kim needed to eat though, so we decided to go get food. We were going to get burger king but it was packed. So we went to go get Pizza. Yeah, I live in the Pizza capital of the world, but that's what we decided to get in Jamaica. I don't know how, but we did. Anyway, we got the pizza and then went to go pick up some beer and more booze.

Kim decided she was feeling OK enough to at least go out one night I was there. We allowed her a few beers, and then we pre-gamed. I was carrying around a bottle of vodka and cranberry water for a while actually. The first place we went to was called Baywatch. They lost power after a few minutes of us being there and then we went to this place called John Crow's. Paris and Summer were there with Mona and Mina (all Chicagoans). I spoke to Paris briefly and then she was sitting with Kim basically yelling at her. I don't know anything they talked about (well I do now, because according to Paris, Kim kind of admitted she knew about Khani and that Paris had done the same thing with Keron back in April or whatever after knowing Kim and Keron were talking - I don't know if this is true, or care, but welcome to what Jamaican men are like...always creating problems). Khani kept going over to give things to Kim and I guess Kim was rubbing it in Paris' face? Not sure about that either because all I remember is going over, grabbing Khani and pulling him away from the table and telling him he needed to stop going over to the table, it was just adding fuel to the fire. See, I really was trying to help? I guess not enough though.

Then I blacked out. We went to a strip club - I only remember about 10 seconds of this though.

The next thing I remember is sex in the pool again, but going back to my room this time, because Ashley went back to Sugar's.

I woke up later that night to clean some of the apartment. I got into a bit of a tiff with Khani. I don't remember much, but I remember him grabbing my wrist for something...probably because I cut my hand on a broken glass and wouldn't show him that I was bleeding. I had a bruise on my wrist the next day. Asshole =(

I passed out after that, but we had to be up early-ish in the morning so we could go on this booze cruise.

I was a MESS. I was so tired and out of it and pretty much over the whole thing, but we got our acts together and went; Sugar, Max, Ashley and I. It was SWELTERING when we first go to the boat. We all literally wanted to peel off our skin. It was so gross. We waited about an hour and change for the rest of the boat to fill up. We just kind of hung around on the boat until it was time to get off and swim/snorkel in the sea. That was really pleasant, except I was tired and constantly fighting the tide. And everyone had to wear these big obnoxious floaties. Oh, and I was in starvation mode. I literally felt myself falling apart. I had to buy little boxes of pringles with a credit card, which was a hassle on its own!

Max relaxing

We got back on the boat and it was a lot cooler - being wet and all. Then we arrived at Dunns River Falls, where I probably should've walked up the falls, but 1. I didn't have cash and I refused to deal with the credit card to buy shoes again, 2. I was so tired and out of it, I knew I'd fall and then I'd be the one in the hospital and 3. We could start we did.
Bottom of Dunns River Falls

Ash and Sug were drinking rum punches (which I think are gross, because their rum is nasty there), and I was drinking red stripe. Max' friend Jade, challenged me to chugging contests. I never won, but I got really close. I beat another big white guy on the boat though. We were in the perfect spot on the boat because there was a window to the back of the bar that we could order through, and Jade kept the drinks flowing. I probably had 16 red stripes in an problem. Sug and Ash got pretty wasted. When I got back to the room, I was exhausted, and Ash was walking around being drunk and it was great.

Doing the cotten eye joe
Combining beers

She was dancing on the moving boat and didn't spill ONE drink

I could hardly eat the KFC that Khani and Ash went out and got for everyone, so I gave it to Jen (who was the one who got married on Wednesday). We got ready and didn't drink all that much because we had to be at Margaritaville by midnight. Wayne drank my to-go bottle.

Margaritaville was a blast. Jade met up with us and he was buying EVERYONE drinks. I was pretty boozed up, but not blacked out! By that point, it was just awkward between the two groups. They stood very close to us (and although Paris explains that's because that's where they ALWAYS stand) I just thought it was weird. I went over to talk to them though, but it was strange and after "how are you, are you having a good time" the conversation died. By this point, I found out they were mad at me, because they invited me to their room one of the nights before while I was blacked out and I never showed up, so they thought I had taken sides. I really tried not to, and I still hadn't up to that point. I had to talk Khani down from confronting Paris...good thing I did, no more violence was needed.

So much fun!

Either way, at the end of the night I went to go to the bathroom and Wayne caught up with me and asked me if I was going home with Jade. I told him I was and asked if he needed to get his bag from my room. He did, so I had Jade wait for me while I walked Wayne back to the room with Khani. Khani had gotten chicken for Kim and I took a piece and that started an argument so when we got to the room, he was upset and we continued to fight about something. I went to change into my pajamas while arguing and got my hand caught in the metal ceiling fan. Fucked up three of my fingers, but I guess it's nothing too serious, still hurts a bit though.

Anyway, I went home with Jade and we spent the night at his house. In the morning he took me back to the hotel and I was laying on the couch, waiting for my alarm to go off because I set it so that everyone could get up and get ready to never went off.

My phone was lost/stolen - whatever. I still think Wayne took it, but he says he didn't. Max caught up with him after we left and took him to the precinct and I guess he ran when he saw Max and said he would take him to the guy he sold the phone to, but his story changed. At this point, there's not much to say. I couldn't call JBike to come get me from the airport so I had to pay $40 to go home when I got back to the states. Also, I had to pay $500 for a new phone, which blows...really badly.

I need to get over it though, nothing can be done now. I'm not taking my blackberry to jamaica anymore. Paris warned me that it was going to get stolen and she was right - maybe it was she thinks Kim's arm is.

Anyway, I was irritated but what could I do. We had to leave. We took the shuttle to the airport. The Canadian's flight was at 2:20, mine wasn't until 6. They wouldn't let me check in until 2. So basically I spent 6 hours in the airport with no phone just staring into space and FREEZING.

The flight was fine and it was nice to be home.

In the end, I made three good friends and lost two people.

The drama continued while I was home and when I went to Chicago, so stay tuned for my Chicago update.

I might go back and reformat these posts at some point. I have pictures, but I'm so blah about the whole thing nowadays that I feel no real motivation.

Just be happy you weren't involved (unless your Mo, in which case I'm sorry you got pulled into it)


B said...

Wow, what mess, sucks they messed your vacation at least you had some fun. By the way Jamaican guys are the biggest whores I've ever met in my life, its a waste of time fighting over them.(my ex was jamaican obviously I'm not bitter!)

KG said...

It was a mess, but honestly, my vacation wasn't messed up. I had a blast and most of the drama happened when I wasn't conscious of what was going on. I guess score one for black outs?

Jamaicans really are whores. They have very few redeeming qualities. I can only think of three...They can generally dance, can have really great bodies, and have nice dicks. That's all.

So basically nothing personality wise. LOL

Not bitter at all :)

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