Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I might've lied

I told you all yesterday that today's post would be EPIC. In all honesty, nothing epic has happened in my life lately. I've been having a lot of by myself meetings. Over thinking a lot of things actually. I've been spending a lot of time alone at home. Laziness is my best friend. It's actually quite sad.

Here's what I've realized:
  • I don't have enough friends where I could throw an impromptu house party
  • I will choose to be alone when I could be out doing something if it requires me to drive
  • I eat more out of boredom than out of hunger (I knew this already, but it's very much reinforced)
  • I am a homebody that desperately misses people forcing me to go out
  • I miss going to the movies, and should probably start going by myself again
  • I spend way more money each money than I think I do each month on frivolous shit
  • I'm much better at other people making decisions for me than making them on my own
  • I cannot plan a vacation by myself, I get overwhelmed
  • I am not excited about anything in my future except maybe going to California for the holidays
  • I am not excited about anyone
  • I do not know how to keep conversations going anymore
  • I hate talking on the phone and am awful at it (what happened to the days of 13 hour long distance phone conversations? Do you remember when long distance phone calls weren't free?)
  • I will not be celebrating my birthday again next year because I can't get people organized

Writing the above list just depressed the ever-loving shit out of me.

In other news, I'm going to a party of sorts tonight with the Mexican. It will be full of gays so it should be fun.

The MTA fucked me again this morning so I worked from home (aka slept and watched tv sending the occasional email while logged into my work computer)

I also have given up shaving forever. Wax makes me happy.

I always rip my stupid tights when I put them on so I end up paying $9-$12 for a one time use kind of thing. Irritating.

I want to book my next damn trip to Jamaica already. I also know that I should be saving money and probably shouldn't go down there in January/February if I'm planning on going in April as well.

Just opened a granola bar because my tastebuds win all the time.

I have to figure out what the hell is going on!


Lorraine said...

I'm such a homebody. The days I get to go home after work and just sit down in my under wear with a hidden objects game? Magic. It's awful to confess that. Booo.


KG said...

It's not awful to confess that, because we're in the same boat! If it wasn't awkward to sit down in our underwear with hidden objects games together, we should do it.

B said...

Like you always we do have a lot in common. This was a good idea.

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