Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's OK Thursday - because I need a little motivation in my life

 So I've decided to link up this week for It's OK Thursdays because I saw Mo doing it, and although I feel BLANK, I still think there are a lot of things I have to say.

  • To have about a billion grants due at the end of this month yet spend most of my time dicking around on the internet
  • To be upset that my most recent wax has not been experienced by anyone but myself
  • To be even more upset that the person I would like to have experienced the smoothness with basically told me I was needy
  • To be feeling incredibly anti social lately
  • That the rain has really put a downer on my mood
  • To have finally learned how to make the decision to leave social events by myself
  • To miss B, but not have any clue how to "rekindle" our friendship
  • That although I knew it would happen, I really wish B would've pulled through on the Jets tickets yesterday
  • To just want to go home after work so I can watch Thursday Night Football in bed
  • To have no idea what's going on in current events, specifically occupy Wall Street (I'm a great New Yorker)
  • To be excited that after 3 years, I have finally begun to clean up my bedroom and I intend to keep it that way
My Pashmina Curtain, covering my cluttered windowseat
  • To freak out when planning vacations because the Jew in me comes out and I don't want to throw down the extra cash for certain things
  • That I spend more money a month than I originally thought
  • That I had to pay $33 to get my pendant fixed on the chain my mom got me for my 18th birthday that I have only taken off 5 times since, and that I haven't even put it back on yet
  • That after going to the Stumble Inn last night, I went home and baked for my coworker's birthday - even though she hates her birthday

  • To not understand how people are incapable of baking when I find it incredibly easy
  • To feel like an ass because of the above statement...there are a ton of things I don't find easy that other people think are so simple
  • To feel like something's missing in my life
  • To lack eloquence and realize I'm not great at explaining myself
  • To have had the urge to write a novel this morning and then to quickly shoot myself down over that because I have no original ideas
  • To only enjoy reading trashy chick lit lately
  • To have bought Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred in hopes that I will actually do it
  • That the Mexican has already planned where we're going to eat each day when I go to Sacramento in December, and that it involves a lot of fast food
  • To not be going to Honey tonight, and to feel weird about that
  • To have gone to Instinct Magazine's Man of the Year party and that I was ready to leave as soon as the open bar ended, even if I do love the gays 
Mexican and his roommate who I will have to give a name to.
  • To wish I had something to look forward to (other than going to California)
  • To wish I there was someone in my life that I liked (like had a crush on) that I could get excited about
  • To be freaking out that I don't know what to get the Mexican's family for Christmas, because I don't celebrate holidays
  • To have lied just now because I celebrate Thanksgiving, three days in a row
  • To have invited over 80 people to my family's Thanksgiving Reprise on Saturday, and to be a little nervous about that because I'm not a great entertainer
  • To not have gone to the gym or worked out since Friday
  • To really be messing up with my "dieting" and feel so blah about it that I don't even have the motivation to fix it
  • To miss all of my friends who don't live near me, even though I talk to them the most
Spider Fluffer :( Miss him A LOT

  • To be burping marinara sauce because I'm so full, yet wanting to eat one of the banana nut/chocolate chip cakes I made last night
  • To have an INCREDIBLY long It's OK list, because obviously not everything is OK.

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Monica said...

Its about time you get on the Thursday bandwagon. this is a long list but its ok :)

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