Thursday, October 13, 2011

List of inappropriate things I do at my desk

1. Pluck eyebrows
2. Read Kindle
3. Shave armpits
4. Apply deodorant
5. Check nose for boogers
6. File nails
7. Nip cuticles
8. Sing loudly along with Pandora
9. Facebook
10. Blog
11. Sit with hand under waist of pants (Al Bundy Style)
12. Nap
13. Text
14. Personal phone calls

I'm sure there are more, and I will add to this list. I have done all of these today, by the way.


B said...

Girl you are too funny. SHAVE!!!! Do you have your own office? I can't imagine doing all that in a cubicle!

Lorraine said...

I blog and facebook and Netflix at my desk, but I can honestly say I've never shaved. I think you are my hero.


KG said...

I probably do too much at my desk.

B, to answer your I work in a completely open office with three other people and if you walk past the office down the hallway, it's a glass wall. Pretty much everyone can see everything I'm doing.

And thank you Lor, you're my hero too.

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