Friday, May 24, 2013

In a Friday food daze.

As I sit here with water spots all over my shirt and jacket sleeve, I'm reminded how awful I am at consuming food and beverages. I don't just mean that I'm a mess, but I really can't stop eating sometimes and it's become apparent that this is incredibly unhealthy. From the time that I stepped into work today, until about 20 minutes ago, I had only taken 10-15 minutes of breaks from eating. In fact, I know that my overeating has become an issue when the fruit/veggie stand man made a comment this morning about how much I love grape tomatoes and that I buy two boxes a day. (see you Tuesday, fruit/veggie stand man!)


I also made a huge mistake last week when going with my coworker to buy snacks for the teen group he hosts. I purchased my own set of snacks, of which I have only 2 left in my drawer. I bought nutter butter bites, werthers, 3 boxes of those seaweed strips, popcorners, string cheese, yogurt, bologna, and pickles (the refrigerated ones are still here). Oh and at Costco earlier this week (for another teen group buying sesh) I bought mini chocolate croissants for everyone, and then felt obligated to indulge in a few. I should be shot.

And the Brown Sugar and Sea Salt ones

Welcome to my life. WELCOME TO THE GLUTTONY. So sick.

Anyway, now that I've vented about that, I'm moving on with my life (read: trying not to eat any more snacks today).

I honestly wish that I had more to talk about, but considering I didn't go out last night (atypical for a Thursday - but everything's been exhausting), I don't really have much to say. So here are the highlights from the week.

Rudi found at apartment! Her new roommate is going to be my new best friend, or at least of them. I adore him so far. He's a lovely guy and he likes to pickle things and soak fruit in rum on a consistent basis (rumkopf). He also has many decks of cards, and went to trivia with us. Go trivia!!

I was supposed to go to trivia on Wednesday night, but instead had some miscommunication with this guy we'll call Ears, and Rudi ended up intruding on "Boys night" because I couldn't give her the message fast enough that Ears wasn't inviting us to hang out by telling us where he would be and at what time. It ended up being an interesting night though. Listened to music, drank beer/whiskey out on the patio at Union Hall with Ears and his friend and Rudi. Ears got shwasted and apparently blacked out at some point. I didn't though, and I was able to get to work JUST FINE the next day. All-in-all it was a good evening. Nothing too eventful. My friendship with Ears is kind of an odd one though. Every time I see him, I'm always mad at him to start. There's always attitude and for whatever reason I'm in a bad mood. As the night progresses and drinks are had though, we get along a lot better. It's so odd.

This is Union Hall - where we were drinking on the patio
Yes, they have bocce in the bar

I think we'll probably be seeing him pretty often though because Rudi is moving to the neighborhood he spends a lot of his time in.

I really need to start getting out my stories before I forget them all. I'm already slowly losing the strip club stories, and a bunch of other drunken ones like the time I felt up the security guard when I was shwasties, or the night I went over to this guy's house and he left me alone in his apartment for hours until I passed out, but I was having a drunken dance party for about 2 hours and apparently I called this other guy and had awful hiccups as I ranted about how pissed I was. Oh, or the other strip club story where B and I woke up in my car and couldn't figure out why we were there because I was parked outside of her apartment and hadn't driven anywhere (we woke up in the back seat). Turns out, at 4am, I decided I needed to put my shoes in the car and I guess it was too exhausting to go back upstairs after putting the shoes in the trunk that we sat in the backseat and both fell asleep for an hour or so.

Oh well, there will come a day for each of these stories. For now, I will continue to watch hulu at work before leaving early for the start of my holiday weekend!!



Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with food stains all over your clothes. Wear 'em proudly. and don't beat yourself up over eating a lot - it seems like mostly healthy food, just do what feels right for you!

And I love Union Hall! Great place. Happy weekend!

Monica said...

haha I miss this!

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